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I'm no celebrity, I'm just a hero - Golola

By Michael Nsubuga

Added 21st February 2016 05:44 PM

The kick boxer says he's naturally been an entertainer since childhood and doesn't want to see sadness in his midst

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Moses Golola at the site of his Golola Talent Academy at Kawempe-Lugoba. Photo by Michael Nsubuga

The kick boxer says he's naturally been an entertainer since childhood and doesn't want to see sadness in his midst

Kick Boxing was one of the known but unpopular sports disciplines in the country until one man Moses Golola took it upon himself to market the sport, not using a marketing agency but his mouth.

Despite Ugandan amateur kick boxers like John Tumukunde and Titus Tugume excelling for Uganda in regional and local events, not many people cared about the sport until Golola's motor mouth ensured they started taking note.

He claims 'he is not a joking subject' and once claimed he could impregnate a woman by just staring at her; that he was the only man who could hang clothes on an MTN line.

The fighter and witty Golola talked to New Vision about the sport and his life.


Congratulations on the Tugume victory. Did the man finally accept your Valentine flower?

He refused to take it but I'm going to organise a party and invite him.


Why did the rematch take long to happen?

Thank God it finally happened because there was a section of fans who continued to doubt my ability even after beating Mugula and so many other opponents. So I wanted to prove to them and we gave them a good fight which this time lasted the distance.


So what do you think is next for Tugume?

I don't want the Tugume brand to go down because he is now the challenger I don't have to be jealous; so I'm going to ensure he gets international fights. Because after fighting a world champion he should now upgrade and get better fights.

 olola famously knocked itus ugume in the pairs first fight hoto by ichael subuga Golola famously knocked Titus Tugume in the pair's first fight. Photo by Michael Nsubuga


I want him to also excel to the highest level so that he can also benefit from the sport. We no longer want to be like the former boxers who have nothing to show despite excelling in sports.


How does it feel being a champion?

It feels good and it shows that hard work pays. Because if you work hard for something you can achieve it. I deserve to be a champion, and everyone can become a champion if they work hard.


Will you defend the belt?

This was my last local fight I will not fight any local opponents anymore but I will retain my belts. Tugume wanted it more because he wanted to climb in the ranks but I'm already a world champion.


So have you retired?

I now to go for a course in sports management. This was my last fight. I'm not going to fight here anymore but I want to compete in a Vietnamese 12-man championship in April but my major aim of travelling there is to try and get equipment. Later I want to fight in South Africa as I build a network of friends and entertain Ugandans there and also get some funds for the academy.


What are you going to do then?

I'm going to open up an academy which will promote different talents among the youth. Personally I have already benefitted from the sport so it is my wish to produce more champions.


Were you paid well this time?

Me I'm well off. Before any fight I always have something in my pocket so I'm not complaining and I hope Tugume also got something from the fight.


Are you now a celeb?

I'm not. I'm just a people's person; I just want to create concepts that can help the ordinary person; so I think I'm just a hero. You know so many celebs are not easily accessible but for me I welcome and listen to everyone because I'm religious and I don't want to minimalize people 

 olola at the site of his training camp hoto by ichael subuga Golola at the site of his training camp. Photo by Michael Nsubuga

Which of these fights has brought in more cash?

I received $20000 (sh70m) for the fight against Poczo Zoltan (Romania) from Samona at the Natete Shopping Center. That money helped me buy land and kick started my personal development.


How many titles have you won in your career (local and international)?

I always prayed to God to become a world champion and I achieved it because it is the highest I could work for but I also have the East and Central, KCB Africa, Intercontinental and World Championship.


You are credited for having resurrected the sport how did you do it?

There was need to resurrect the sport. So we had to change the perception about us the kick boxers. It was about the image and creating a fan base, so I spoke and promoted the sport at my fights thereby attracting many people to it. I'm also going to start a TV show to teach about kick boxing fitness where everyone can benefit.


Have you benefitted from the sport?

I have benefitted a lot because I'm the only sportsman who has become a brand ambassador for many company products. Each company I advertise for pays me up to sh10m or more depending on the duration of the advert. I also plan to start products like; Golola porridge, water and many others. I also have land. I was even able to meet the president and sparred with him because of my popularity.


You talk and sometimes perform like a comedian, are you one?

I'm naturally an entertainer since childhood. I don't want to see sadness in my midst. I was the chief entertainer at school (Jinja Kaloli) in P.4. The headmistress (Sr. Bena) was my number one fan and I used to entertain guests at school, I always acted and sang as a drunkard. But I have also performed at a comedy show and was paid. I'm a man of many talents and I'm going to promote these at the Golola Talent Academy.


Where is your strength punches or kicks?

In the past my strength was in my upper body but I have since been trained in body balance so I have since corrected all my faults and now I'm hard in both kicks and punches.


Which style are you better at?

I have fought in all style. I've competed in K1, Muay Thai and Low Kick Full Contact and I'm ranked in all the styles that's what makes me great. That's why in the academy we shall teach all these styles.


People say Nagy beat you and you snatched the belt?

People have seen me win and lose. He was the first foreign opponent I faced so I don't agree with those who say I lost that fight otherwise how would I get the belt? I wasn't knocked out and I'm not the one who created the controversy. But I have also never seen a referee trying to read out results like it was in that fight, but the most important thing is I have kept the sport up. 

Who is the toughest opponent you have ever faced?

Mate Zsamboki. But all the fights I have lost including the last one against American Abraham has been due to poor preparations. My team did not even organise a warm up area. Against Zsamboki I didn't step out properly before I kicked and dislocated my knee so I felt bad because I was leading on the cards.


Highest moment in your career?

I always dreamt of winning the world Championship and when I did I felt good but as you know some people were not satisfied, that's why they were keen on the Tugume and Mugula fights. So after proving myself I can now enjoy my moment but people should know that I'm blessed because I pray a lot.


Any lowest moment?

The day I lost to Zsamboki. It was like I had committed a crime. I was abandoned, not even my brother talked to me about the match despite having dislocated my knee. A friend's kid is the only one who consoled me after two days. People thought I gave away the fight. But whenever you go down you must come up. It good I recovered from that.


By the way who is Golola?

First of all I believe in myself. Golola is a man who believes in creating a new generation of fighters. So many people ask me about children but I have a family (family members) who I look after and I have many children who I don't want in the press because I want them to create their own brand and path.


Any other kick boxer in the family?

In my family of six (3 brothers & 3 sisters) there is no sportsman. But my dad told me that my grandfather was a footballer.


Who inspired you to start sport?

I grew up hearing about Mugabi "the Beast" and kept on wondering who the Mike Tysons were but also Justin Juuko and Godfrey Nyakana were also doing well. So I grew up on wondering what I could do to also become like one of them.


Who was your first coach?

Charles Lubulwa and Hajji Ssendi


Where you involved in any other sport before?

I was a footballer and also an athlete at school and also played for Lugoba and Kazo as well as a boxer with Kawempe Boxing Club in 1996.


Where did your kickboxing fame emerge?

My fame in the sport started in Tanzania. I defeated Tanzanian champion Jafet Kaseba and he became my friend and he advised me to come back to Uganda and promote the sport. Now I want to promote the sport in Rwanda, and around East Africa because there are many of my fans there.


People say you eat a lot!

I'm a person who likes his food, I have no regrets over enjoying food and when people see me taking my jug of porridge they are mesmerized but it is from eating that I get my strength and  porridge is my staple food.


Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I want my academy to be known all over the world. I also want to be on top of marketing the sport by taking kick boxers for international fights all over the world. I have a lot of land so I plan to start farming, do farming exhibitions and I would have started the Golola foundation which will help all the stars I would have created. 

 olola trains with ugula hoto by ichael subuga Golola trains with Mugula. Photo by Michael Nsubuga


Then in 15-20 years I will have started pastoral work. I will build a church and start preaching the world of God because I have so many fans who I would like to turn to God and the sportsmen should also learn to pray.


What they say about him

Hassan Ssekirime (UKF president) – He should be credited for promoting the sport especially the professional category. He has had some good fights especially against Nagy and Zoltan Poczo and has improved a lot. He is also well versed with all kick boxing styles and has a heart for the sport.


Eddy Gombya (Former UKF Secretary) – He is a tough fighter with a strong punch. He has a heart for the sport that even if he lost today, he would come back and fight again. I have never seen him shy away from a fight. His weakest point is on his legs which he has to work on.

He should also be credited for promoting the sport; that's how the likes of Umar Semata and Ronald Mugula came to have fights in Uganda.


Zebra Ssenyange (Coach) – Golola is a humble man who listens and follows instructions to the latter. He is a good listener and fears God. He believes in himself and his abilities. He is always aiming for bigger things and always wants the best.


Fact File

Favourite Artist: Nicki Minaj

Favourite dish: Porridge

Best Movie: The Undisputable

Dream destination: (Mabira Forest)

Dream Ride: Land Rover 110 Hard Body

Career dream: To complete my talent academy

Favourite Phone: iPhone 5

Honours: East and Central Africa Championship, KCB, Intercontinental, World Championship

Record: 29; W-23 (12Kos)

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