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What Ugandan clerics expect of Pope

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Preparations for the visit of Pope Francis on November 27 are in high gear and involving everyone

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Preparations for the visit of Pope Francis on November 27 are in high gear and involving everyone

Preparations for the visit of Pope Francis on November 27 are in high gear and involving everyone. Mathias Mazinga asked leaders of other religions what they expect from the pontifical visit

Release 1,000 prisoners


Dr. Joseph Sserwadda, Presiding Apostle of the Born Again Faith in Uganda.

It is my wish that, for the pope’s visit, President Museveni releases at least 1,000 prisoners as a gesture of forgiveness. That would be a remarkable memory of the pope’s visit.

It would also set the Pontiff aside from all the other heads of state that have visited Uganda during President Museveni’s 29-year reign.

The Pope is not here on a sight-seeing tour, but on a pastoral mission. So, a pardon for the old, sickly and political prisoners is an act that will mark his visit as an act of religious clemency.

Let us behave ourselves

Hajji Nsereko Mutumba  Spokesperson, Uganda Muslim Supreme Council

The visit of the Pope will attract many people and international media. I would like to see my Ugandan brethren behaving in a proper manner. I would not like to see any riots, teargas or hooliganism. We should desist from those acts of brutal killings common on our media.

For us as Muslims, we welcome Pope Francis because he upholds some of the teachings of Islam. For example, he recently approved Taraq in the Catholic Church.

This is what Islam has always taught. If you have a violent spouse, it is better to separate than risk while forcing yourselves to live together just because of a doctrine. Pope Francis is also a man of peace; I would not like to hear political bickering and violence.

This is very crucial because the Pontiff is coming at

It should deepen our faith

Bishop James Kaggya, Prelate of the Adventist Conference/Diocese of Central Uganda

The visit of the Pope should help people to deepen their knowledge of God. It will mean nothing if people get excited and merry-make without improving their spirituality and morality.

The visit should also help people to know that it is God who is responsible for their lives. Even the Pope exists because of God.

We have to praise and worship God.

No politicking during the visit

Nicholas Bayego Parish Priest, St. Nicholas Cathedral, Namungoona

It would be proper for the Pope to visit the Cathedral of Rubaga and have audience with priests.

I hear some members of the opposition have requested to meet him.

But I disagree; we should not reveal our political differences before our visitor. Of course, the president can meet him because the Pope is also a head of state.

We should also maintain our infrastructure, which have been given a face-lift during the long awaited visit.

Visit should benefit everyone

Prof. Simeon Kayiwa, Founder, Namirembe Christian Fellowship

I would like my Ugandan brethren to give the pope the best treatment because of his global popularity. People should desist from religious discrimination, so that they receive the pope without bias.

I would also like to see people singing songs that show appreciation of the pope’s choice of Uganda as his destination and the economic boost his visit is expected to bring.

Uganda will be the focus of the international media.

I am happy the city is being beautified to present the best image of our country. I appeal to politicians to look at a bigger picture than using it to win votes.

The visit will also bring economic opportunities like visitors who will eat and sleep in our hotels. I would like to see Ugandans benefitting directly or indirectly from the dollars that the Papal visit will bring.

I want these benefits to trickle-down to the common man. I am pleased to learn that Pope Francis will reside in homes of Christians.

This, to me is the best gift he will give to the doctrine of Christ.

I appeal to Uganda’s religious leaders to observe social equiponderance to every member of the human race irrespective of social class.

I have no business with the pope

Jonah Lwanga, Metropolitan Archbishop of Kampala, Orthodox Church, Uganda.

The Pope of Rome is a head of state.

Our brethren, the Roman Catholics, also call him the successor of Peter and Vicar of Christ. But that is not what we the Orthodox Christians believe. So if you want to get comments about Pope Francis’ visit, go to Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga, or Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala.

For me I have no business with the Pope’s visit.

We should maintain the standards


Hajji Mohammed Kisambira General Secretary, Kibuli Muslim faction

The Pontifical visit should instill sanity and discipline in Ugandans.

It comes at a tricky time, when we are beginning political campaigns. Ugandans should examine their conscience. We have seen many killings of Ugandans, shocking incidents of violence, corruption and theft of public funds.

Such selfish and uncouth acts should not be heard of during the papal visit.
Of course, I can see many churches, buildings and roads being given a facelift.

This is our mentality as Africans; we always wait for visitors to put our things in order. Nevertheless, the country will benefit from the improvement of these public facilities. But I appeal to Ugandans to learn the culture of maintaining decent standards, whether we have visitors or not.

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