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FDC youth accuse TDA of favouritism

By Vision Reporter

Added 16th September 2015 01:47 AM

FOLLOWING the extension of nominations by The Democratic Alliance for Amama Mbabazi recently, a group of youth from FDC has voiced its displeasure

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FDC youth want their party flag bearer Kizza Besigye to pull out of the alliance. Photo by Godiver Asege

FOLLOWING the extension of nominations by The Democratic Alliance for Amama Mbabazi recently, a group of youth from FDC has voiced its displeasure

By Jeff Andrew Lule


THERE was a fist fight on Tuesday, between two youth groups, at the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) offices in Najjanankumbi, following a disagreement on whether the party should quit or stay in The Democratic Alliance (TDA).


Earlier on, some of the youth petitioned the National Executive Committee (NEC) demanding for withdrawal of their party presidential flag bearer from the alliance which the described as sham with vested interests of failing Col. Kiiza Besigye in favor of former prime minister Amama Mbabazi.


The irate group, commonly known as 'Color Blue Boys', allegedly led by Ingrid Turinawe (women league leader), later resolved to withdraw their party flag from TDA offices in Naguru.


The situation got tense when the group confronted the party chairman, Waswa Birigwa accusing him of betraying the party.


"We are tired of you old men. You are to blame for the mess. You even decided to extend the nomination date for one single candidate without consulting FDC and other stakeholders. What kind of process of this?" an angry youth said.


It took the intervention of the party's secretary general, Nandala Mafabi, secretary for defense, Amin Sadik and another pro-TDA youth group to save Birigwa, from the angry gang.


This resulted into another argument between the two youth groups. The FDC Lubaga division youth leader, Ismah Ddamba told the anti-TDA group to hold another delegates conference if they want to withdraw from TDA.


This caused a clash among the two groups in which one of the youth identified as Mugisha got badly injured and was rushed to the clinic.


MPs Mafabi (Budadiri West) and Godfrey Ekanya (Tororo), Sadik and other officials intervened to calm the situation.


Birigwa said TDA is a process and there is no reason for them to pull out. "Nothing can stop us as the party. We are going forward as per TDA protocol. So there is no need for alarm," he added.


Thomas Kayanja, the Mpigi district youth leader, said TDA was formed on the ground of fighting for transparency, accountability and honesty which has not been realized owing to what happened during nominations. In their petition, the group also stressed that there was unfairness exhibited by the alliance to accept Mbabazi and lock out former Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago on the same.


"They asked Lukwago to return the DP ticket if he wanted to join TDA. Let them tell us when Mbabazi returned the NRM ticket if this whole thing is not NRM,"


The party president, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu said they have resolved to continue with the process in the interest of the party and TDA.


"The matter of extension for Mbabazi was discussed. We are an institution with structures and experienced leaders and can handle every situation," he said.


Muntu said they are to meet with TDA today (Wednesday) to discuss on the criteria of selecting candidates.



When asked on the next move if Besigye is not selected, Muntu said the process was still on going.

FDC youth accuse TDA of favouring some candidates

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