Two families fight for dead woman''s child

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Two families in Wakiso district are locked in wrangles over an eight-year-old girl following the death of her mother.

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By Deo Gannyana

WAKISO - Two families of Serinnya village, Mende sub-country in Wakiso district are locked in wrangles over an eight-year-old girl following the death of her mother.

The girl at the centre of the drama is Olive Kirabo whose mother, Carol Nakimwero, passed away a week ago.

During a stormy LCI meeting on Friday to resolve the dispute, the families of Peter Lubega, 34, and Isaac Walusimbi, also deceased, fought over the child who was almost torn into pieces.

Since her mother's death, the child has been in the care of her grandmother, Jalia Namaalwa,

Before her death, the girl's mother, a widow, had said the child belonged to Peter Lubega.

However, the deceased Walusimbi's family, who had split with Nakimwero, would not have any of it. They questioned why Lubega was only coming out after her death.

(Left-right): Grainy pictures of Walusimbi (deceased) and Lubega whose families are fighting over the child

One of Walusimbi's relatives said Nakimwero had given them the child whom they had raised.

Lubega claimed he had an affair with Nakimwero while she was still married to him between 2005 and 2006, and that they had a child together. But in truth, it's only Nakimwero, who went with her secret to the grave, knows the truth.

During Nakimwero's burial last Sunday, Lubega was chased by irate relatives who accused him of wanting to break up their family.

The deceased Walusimbi's sister and Kirabo's grandmother whisk the child off to safety after winning the battle

A furious Lubega would not take any of that, and he lit a fire outside his one-roomed rental near Nakimwero's parents to reportedly mourn her death.

However Nakimwero's mother, Namaalwa, put out the fire, admonishing Lubega that she would not tolerate such disrespect for Walusimbi's family.

Kirabo is currently in the care of the LCI chairman, Samuel Ssempiira until the truth is established.

Drama as families fight for child

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