Uganda Red Cross board dissolved

Nov 26, 2013

The entire board of Uganda Red Cross hitherto headed by Robert Ssebunya has been dissolved.

By Chris Kiwawulo & Andante Okanya

The entire board of Uganda Red Cross (URC) hitherto headed by Robert Ssebunya has been dissolved during a National Council extraordinary meeting held in Kampala on Tuesday.

Communications director Catherine Ntabadde says the move was meant to restore public confidence.

“In the interest of re-building public trust of Uganda’s largest humanitarian agency, the Central Governing Board has been dissolved,” she said in a press statement last evening

Last month, URC courted negative publicity when its secretary general, Michael Nataka, was implicated in fraudulent dealings.

The meeting was prompted by a petition from Dr. Dominic Mundrugo-ogo Lali, the chairman of the URCS Moyo branch; Godfrey Kaganda, the chairman URCS Kampala East branch and Henry Makumbi Chairman URCS Mityana branch.

A total of 111 council members from URC’s 51 branches decided that an interim board be elected to work with the interim secretary general, Ken Odur.

Chaired by URCS president, retired Bishop Tom Okello, the meeting discussed a report from the Central Governing Board on allegations of smuggling and tax evasion.

The resolutions were arrived at after members discussed a report from outgoing chairman Ssebunya, the URA and International Probe Committee reports.

Odur said national and international bodies have continued to award URCS in recognition of its humanitarian work. 

He cited the International Youth award for pioneering innovations in IT by International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies received early this month.

Uganda Red Cross board dissolved by The New Vision

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