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Kawempe teachers strike over poor hygiene, feeding

By Vision Reporter

Added 12th November 2013 10:35 AM

Teachers of Kawempe Mbogo Muslim Primary School go on strike to protest poor hygiene and poor feeding in their school.

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By Emmanuel Luganda

Teachers of Kawempe Mbogo Muslim Primary School on Monday went on strike due to poor hygiene in the school.

Thirteen teachers went on a sit-down strike pointing it to the poor hygiene conditions within the school. They fear that could lead to the outbreak of diseases like cholera.

They also complain that staff quarters toilets where teachers reside are in a similar state.

 “Our lives are in danger due to the stinking toilets and bathrooms,” one of the striking teachers said. In fact, New Vision found teachers digging a pit latrine intended for use as an alternative.

One of them, Muhamad Oweny who was found digging the pit, told New Vision they had complained to the school authorities about the need for new toilets but their persistent demand has gone unheeded.

 “It is almost two years since we started complaining about the poor hygiene conditions of toilets and bathrooms but nothing has been done,” he said.

“That’s why we have decided to put up a temporary pit latrine to avoid likely diseases that might break up,” Oweny was backed by fellow teachers.

The disgruntled teachers also complained that they were fed well. They were upset that they were fed on posho (maize meal) and beans daily like “as if we are secondary students”.

A dilapidated bathroom at the quarters.

Another of their concerns was of threats and insults from their headmistress, especially whenever a teacher complains over an issue.

One of the teachers told our reporter that they lost two teachers last year after raising their complaints.

The headmistress, Hajjat Fatina Seviri when contacted, made it clear that the school management is working hand-in-hand with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to address teachers’ problems.

“Teachers are just being impatient but the school management, in partnership with KCCA, is convening on Wednesday to discuss their issues,” she said.

The school head pointed out that since the school is under the UPE programme, it operates under a limited budget and therefore she asked teachers to go back to class and teach.

The school, located in Mbogo, Kawempe division Kampala, is populated with 700 students.

Kawempe teachers strike over poor hygiene, feeding

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