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Local gov''t officials should be rotated - Mwesige

By Vision Reporter

Added 21st October 2013 10:55 AM

THE minister of local government, Adolf Mwesige, has called for rotation of senior officers in the ministry to other fields

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THE minister of local government, Adolf Mwesige, has called for rotation of senior officers in the ministry to other fields

By Francis Emorut

THE minister of local government, Adolf Mwesige, has called for rotation of senior officers in the ministry to other fields to learn beyond what they are used to in order to bring effective service delivery.

“I propose that senior officers be rotated in work place for every three years. If you have been operations manager or urbanization director you can be seconded to finance or agriculture and you learn to better service delivery in the ministry,” Mwesige said.

“Nothing prevents you from discussing agriculture because you are urbanization commissioner you can even do better,” he stated.

Mwesige was addressing over 200 staff of the ministry of local government during a retreat at National Leadership Institute (NALI), Kyankwanzi in Kyankwanzi district on Friday.

The minister argued that there are new opportunities if senior officers were willing to embrace the new idea.

“We should think about this rotation because it will expose you officers to different fields. It is good to learn something about other fields,” he said.

Mwesigye gave an example of himself who has worked in various fields beginning from being a protocol officer, consular department, legal field and then ventured into politics.

“I know how foreign affairs and justice ministries, President’s Office, Office of the Prime Minister and Parliament works as well as doing business,” he said.

He criticized senior officers for bureaucratic tendencies saying that it was hampering effective service delivery.

He specifically accused directors of not replying letters from the officers at the districts.

“The ministry gets letters from the districts but the directors don’t reply them. Even if it’s nonsense, answer and say I don’t agree with you,” he pleaded.

Mwesige pointed out that communication in the ministry is a big problem.

“Honour people and answer them in time,” he told the participants.

He also blasted the staff for lack of ideological disorientation.

“People who work in government don’t know the ideology of Uganda/government and community at large and this is a big problem,” he said.


He urged the officers to be patriotic and think about the interests of the country.

“Think about Uganda. In what I’m doing for example writing the procurement letter is it important to my country,” he stated.

He asked the staff whose ministry was closed on Friday as they attended the retreat to be people of integrity and have a positive mindset towards work.

The minister also implored his subordinates to adopt a culture of results oriented if the country is to realize the Vision 2040.

“If you are in charge of roads do them well and if you are in charge of urbanization we would like to see urban areas which are planned like those in Europe. It is possible to do it,” he explained.  

The minister also appealed to his Cabinet colleagues to be knowledgeable in various fields especially issues to do with Uganda.

He cited issues such GDP income per capita, electricity generation and so on.

“All the ministers should have information on their figure tips concerning the country. When you are speaking you should be authoritative on issues concerning government,” he said.

Dr. Timothy Mutesasira, a consultant who was a key facilitator urged civil servants to strive hard to protect the image of the ministry.

He drew the attention of the officers, permanent secretary and the minister who were shocked why the ministry doesn’t have any single signpost to direct the public at Workers House where the ministry is housed. 

Mutesasira warned the workers to desist from absenteeism as this will dent the image of the ministry whenever people want to access services.

The acting permanent secretary Patrick Mutabwire appealed to workers to be mindful of effective and efficient service delivery for that’s why the ministry for the first time in history closed its offices to ensure that the results are achieved.

Local govt officials should be rotated - Mwesigye

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