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An open letter to Gen. David Sejusa

By Vision Reporter

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Afande, I read an article entitled “Sejusa will not appear before MPs, says probe is flawed”, and I must say I was disappointed.

By Polycarp Komakech

Afande, I read an article entitled “Sejusa will not appear before MPs, says probe is flawed”, and I must say I was disappointed.

You know, when you first came out with the allegations of the so-called Muhoozi Project, I was excited. I thought you were on to something. At least, the reaction of the Government made it seem like your claims were credible. However, with the passage of time, I am beginning to think it was just “kiwaani”. Here’s why:

First of all, you ran away. The thing is, you are a full General. In my opinion, a General is supposed to be bold and fearless. And yet you flew off like a chicken. You claim your life was in danger. Well, maybe it was. But here is the deal; we have seen soldiers make sensational claims before such as Rtd Col Dr. Kizza Besigye and Brig. Tumukunde. None of them has been killed; they live to fight for their beliefs.

My question is, if you are truly convinced about your cause, why don’t you come here and fight for it?

Secondly, since running away, you haven’t released any info.  You have all the means to get the info out to us, and all we got is a letter! Could it be that you actually have nothing to back up your claims?

And then, you won’t even testify before your fellow parliamentarians.  You claim that "the executive is exerting undue pressure to the Speaker contrary to the Constitution". But this is Kadaga we’re talking about. From what we’ve seen so far, she’s not afraid to stand up to the executive.

Besides, your testimony is supposed to be via video conference! Surely a full General isn’t afraid to face a bunch of civilians via video conference. This is much safer than the battlefields from which you earned your military honours.

My guess is that you are afraid that the piercing questions from the MPs will reveal how shallow your so called evidence is. The truth is never afraid to come under scrutiny.

You know, my heart goes out to those who worked under you. I understand they have all been detained or dismissed. Do you think about them, Afande?

Do you think it is fair for you to set a fire, flee off and leave others to face the heat?

A true leader sticks up for his followers! A true patriot never abandons his country at the hour of need. You started something, and ran off. Now others are paying the price. I think that is a disgrace.

So, here’s my challenge. Your name Sejusa means “I don’t regret”, right? And you are a General. Show us some courage and leadership. Release the details of your claims, face the MPs or make a sensational return. Stick out your neck for your beliefs, Afande. Otherwise, we Ugandans will soon be treating your claims as “mavi ya kuku”!

The writer is a Research Consultant with Insight International ( an NGO)"

An open letter to Gen. David Sejusa

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