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Eddy Kenzo: his journey to stardom

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Eddy Kenzo is no longer your upcoming artiste; he loathes being called upcoming because he is not

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Eddy Kenzo is no longer your upcoming artiste; he loathes being called upcoming because he is not

By Edward Nimusiima


IT had been a calm night on the social media streets. No random cyber insomniacs roaming the always gridlocked streets. Then the news broke. Eddy Kenzo had won a BET Award (Best Viewers’ Choice International Act). 


At first, it felt like a fabricated rumor. Thereafter, it felt like a tsunami had hit; messages of congratulations flooded social media valleys and flatlands. It was unbelievable. It still felt like a dream, at least for Kenzo. 


It seemed too unreal, much of a tale, a bit of a fable, but it was real. Eddy Kenzo Musuuza, a lad who was nothing but a kid wandering on the streets of Kampala trying to make ends meet, was wandering on the streets of Los Angeles, on the red carpet outside Staples Centre, rubbing shoulders with the rest of world’s celebrities.


Started from the bottom... we here!

 A few years ago, all this was a sketchy dream, like an architect’s sketch on paper. Kenzo has a rocky history. He had started off on the streets, stretching his hands begging for he can stretch his longevity on earth. 


He had lost a parent and his life had taken a strange path down the abyss. He loved soccer. In his numerous interviews, Kenzo never dreamed of winning a BET Award, but rather winning a Ballon d’Or. He wanted to be a professional footballer, but fate dictated and he is now a professional musician. 


Many stories are said of him, both true and false. But those of his background are true; he walked miles and miles to shows where no one knew him (or bothered to know him). He wasn’t just an upcoming musician, he was a broke upcoming musician; hard-up and financially cramped, down in the trenches.

Eddy Kenzo is known for putting up energetic performances during his concerts.

He had started off in western Uganda, in Masaka, to be specific. The puzzle of life had become tedious and he had resorted for the city, just like anyone else. Later, he had a song called Yanimba with Mickie Wine, who was more established than him. It was a success and he rode on it. 


He was unquenched and his eyes were on the prize. He would later release a myriad of songs thereafter. Some of the songs didn’t last long in people’s minds, but some enjoyed rounds in nightclubs and radio stations. 


One day, he realized Stamina. He had invented a dancing style in the process. Stamina strengthened Kenzo’s stamina on the music scene. He never looked back. He never took a detour down that brick road of hustle. He had arrived. He had announced himself as the next big thing and he wasn’t about to stop. 

Eddie Kenzo performs with the young boys that made sent his Sitya Loss video into viral territory.

Appreciative of his roots, Kenzo invited his mother (left) and the rest of the family on stage.

Kenzo was comfortably mouthed as a big artiste without any doubts from music purists and his fellow musicians. They nodded their heads in unison. He was big enough to hold his own concerts, successful concerts.


What followed thereafter is what we are seeing now; a completely transformed Kenzo Musuuza. A lad whose English grammar is mocked like Seya’s. A lad who has had a lion’s share of the hate cake and been subjected to vicious lashings from naysayers and doubters. 


Later, he released Sitya Loss. He was completely oblivious of what he had started. It was a kin to a kid who starts a bushfire without knowledge of the outcome.  The video went viral and it elevated his status in the process. 


It took a few bundles to elevate Kenzo into astronomical heights he never for once dreamed of. Sitya Loss was a key that opened his doors. It was the sound of the gun on the marathon runway. It was the whistle that kick-started his undoubted success. 


It was nothing, but a song that is a soundtrack to a life he is living now. Sitya Loss, loosely translated as ‘I don’t fear loss’ had a cheeky feel to it, coupled with a witty, well-crafted and insanely creative video that was enough to shoot him to the skies. 

Of friends in high places! Mawokota MP and Minister of Trade, Amelia Kyambadde joins in on the fun.


Kenzo has fathered a child with singer Rema.

He has visited over 15 states in the US. He has visited different cities across the globe. He has performed at Africa Cup of Nations. He had attracted attention of busy, big celebrities around the world, including endoesement from Akon. He has stood the taste of time, Kenzo. He has survived the cutthroat of Uganda’s music industry. 


Eddy Kenzo is no longer your upcoming artiste; he loathes being called upcoming because he is not. 


He is rather coming back home with a prestigious BET Award in one hand and a Uganda flag in the other; he is coming back to the shrill wails of his young daughter, Aaamal and dimpled smiles of Rema Namakula, his baby mama, in the confines of his newly acquired mansion in Seguku. Eddie Kenzo is the biggest selling act in Uganda right now. 


Let him enjoy his shine. He has earned it.

Eddy Kenzo: his journey to stardom

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