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Man storms in-law’s home, beats up wife

By Vision Reporter

Added 5th June 2015 02:01 PM

It is pandemonium as an angry man storms the residence of his in-laws and beats up his wife in Iganga district.

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It is pandemonium as an angry man storms the residence of his in-laws and beats up his wife in Iganga district.

By Donald Kiirya

It was pandemonium as an infuriated jilted man stormed the residence of his in-laws and beat up his wife in a remote village in Iganga district.

Blows were exchanged, as did bitter words. During the chaotic episode, Godfrey Akidi almost beat up his in-laws as well.

The family melee inevitably attracted the attention of the neighbours, some of whom emerged with accounts of the fighting couple’s marriage life.

An enraged Asidi showed up at the home of his in-laws in Bukoyo village with an arsenal of bitter accusations of infidelity against his wife, Rebecca Namajanja.

He claimed she left their marital home and returned to her parents’ home so she could cheat on him, although it was later apparent that the two had separated.

At her parents’ home, Asidi claimed, Namajanja would then get the opportunity to visit her “side dishes”.

He told those who cared to listen to his side of the story that he had earlier suspected his wife of infidelity and that when she moved out, that aroused his suspicions even more.

The fight forced Namajanja’s sisters to intervene, only for them to fall right in the path of a fiery verbal exchange that leaned largely on vulgarity.

In the melee, Namajanja’s resilient siblings accused Asidi of causing the apparent separation with his wife.  He is a bickering man, they ranted.

Armed with sticks, the sisters stood firmly in defence of their beaten sister (not in picture). (Credit: Donald Kiirya)

And as the air choked on the foul vibe, eager onlookers once came in the way of a potentially hot slap from Asidi directed towards one of the sisters. They tried to calm him down, telling him that according to norms, a man should not fight at the home of his in-laws.

Their intervention did work, although it did not stop at just bringing the fight to an end. They spilled their own tales as well.

One neighbor couldn’t help saying that Asidi who works at the nearby Tembo Steel Mills Ltd, lured Namajanja – then a minor – into marriage, forcing her to drop out of school.

According to that neighbor, Asidi had the habit of enticing young girls into marriage and that Namajanja was the third.

On their part, Namajanja’s sisters accused Asidi of being a womanizer and that it is the reason behind his failed past marriages.

Namajanja was salvaged from her infuriated husband by residents who led her to the nearby Kasolo Police Post to report a case of assault against Asidi.


A resident leads a bare-footed Rebecca Namajanja away from the fury of her jilted lover. (Credit: Donald Kiirya)


Here, she is being helped onto a boda boda bound for the police station to report the case. ((Credit: Donald Kiirya)



Man storms in-law’s home, beats up wife

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