Confirmed: ADF chief Jamil Mukulu arrested

By Vision Reporter

Added 30th April 2015 10:20 AM

Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel leader, Jamil Mukulu, has been arrested in Tanzania and will be repatriated to Uganda.

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By Vision Reporter

Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel leader, Jamil Mukulu, has been arrested in Tanzania and will be repatriated to Uganda.

In February 201, Interpol issued a red notice for Mukulu and posted his photographs on its website.

Security then said Mukulu had more than 10 passports, used numerous pseudo names and doctored his appearances to evade capture.

Uganda's efforts to arrest Mukulu dates back to 2002 when the then army Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen. Nakibus Lakara, said the Government would issue an arrest warrant for him.

In May 2013, Jamil's son, Hassan Nyanzi, was granted amnesty after he denounced the rebellion and handed himself over to Ugandan authorities.

He had reportedly from the ADF camp in DR Congo in April 2013 and travelled to Kenya from where he connected to Uganda.

Mukulu's arrest comes at the time when Kasada Karume, the third-in-command of ADF has been killed following intensive fighting between ADF and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) army, Kinshasa army and the United Nations have announced.

International media quoted Leon-Richard Kasonga, the DRC army spokesperson to have said that: "The body of this terrorist, member of the inner circle of ADF was formally identified by all the (security) services that have his photo.

Kasonga said that Karume was killed during an overnight exchange between ADF and the DRC army on April 24-25.

The United Nations peacekeeping force in DR Congo MONUSCO at a different  press conference that a rebel leader, who was not named, was killed last Friday on during an ambush against a retreating armed group.

The incident occurred at a rebel camp in Bango that is about 100 kilometres (62 miles) from the town of Beni and its surroundings, where over 260 people, mostly civilians, were hacked to death between October and December last year.

ADF profile

Ugandan rebel group based in Rwenzori Mountains of eastern DR Congo.

Most of its members are Islamists who want to establish Shari'a law in Uganda.

Formed around 1989

Has about 500 combatants

In 2001, Government offered amnesty to ADF

Confirmed: ADF chief Jamil Mukulu arrested

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