Man castrated by hanging

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A man is nursing wounds after he lost one of his testicles when assailants tortured him by hanging him on a tree by a rope tied to his genitals

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By Vision Reporter

A man is nursing wounds after he lost one of his testicles when assailants tortured him by hanging him on a tree by a rope tied to his genitals.

The savage incident happened Wednesday afternoon in Mpambire, Mpigi district, when a group of men besieged the victim, Francis Ssekiranda who was drinking in a bar with his colleagues; Tom Kimuli and Denis Kamoga.

Ssekiranda, who is nursing wounds after one of his testicles was squeezed out, said he did not know what his crime was. He said the men accused him of liking one of their girlfriends and at the same time accused him of stealing a phone.

Ssekiranda's mother protested the bail granted to the men who castrated her son

He narrated that on the fateful day, the assailants found him and his friends having a drink. They started harassing and beating them up, but let off the others and remained with him.

The men taunted him saying he would reveal where he had hidden a stolen phone.

As they presumably frisked him, two of the men grabbed his arms and two others, the legs.

A fifth man undid his trousers and ripped off his under pant. The man then retrieved a sisal rope and tied his testicles.

The men then carried him to a tree, tied the rope on a branch and let him hang by it before vanishing.

The men who castrated Ssekiranda in handcuffs after their arrest

By the times residents rushed to the aid of a wailing man, they found him hardly able to speak. He had fallen to the ground, bleeding profusely, with one of his testicles lying beside him.

When asked what had happened he cried: “I have lost my manhood! They would have warned me to leave their girl but I even do not know her; if they claim I stole a phone I do not have it! Matovu you have killed me!”

Residents later found out that the heinous act had been perpetrated by David Luswabu, a UPDF soldier identified only as Matovu and another man called Kasawuli.

Ssekiranda was then rushed to Mpigi Health Centre IV where he is nursing wounds. He however kept begging the medics there to put back his testicle.

"I do not even know if I can have children," he cried.

"I have been castrated and I am in a lot of pain; please I need help."

Residents protest bail

Later that day on Wednesday two of the suspects were arrested and arraigned in before a magistrate, Marion Ninsiima.

They were charged with torture and attempted murder. However irate residents, led by the victim's mother, Regina Nabatanzi, protested when the magistrate granted the suspects bail of sh500,000 cash each and non-cash bail of sh1m.

The UPDF soldier was not charged as he is on the run.

Police detective ASP Rose Natukunda said they are still hunting for the suspect.

The case resumes on March 5, 2015.



Man hanged by gentiles, loses testicle

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