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  • The 25 licensed private overseas recruitment companies in Uganda

The Ugandan ministry of gender, labour and social development has released a list (at bottom of page) of only 25 licensed private overseas recruitment companies in Uganda.
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The Ugandan ministry of gender, labour and social development has released a list (at bottom of page) of only 25 licensed private overseas recruitment companies in Uganda.

By Darious Magara & Jacky Achan 

KAMPALA - The Ugandan ministry of gender, labour and social development has released a list (at bottom of page) of only 25 licensed private overseas recruitment companies in Uganda.

The companies complied with the requirements of externalization of labour, most of which is to countries in the Middle East, according to the state minister for labour Mwesigwa Rukutana.

Rukutana recently said government is now trying to streamline the overseas labour recruitment exercise to ensure Ugandans employed abroad are treated fairly.

It is also understood that government has reviewed the statutory instrument used in licensing companies that externalize labour.

“I have toured some countries in the Middle East and I have a plan of covering the entire Middle East to make bilateral agreements with counterpart ministers in those governments that host our people” the minister said.

“We are asking them to cooperate with us so that they take record and care for our citizens that are employed in their countries so that they are not mistreated and cheated when they work abroad.”

Earlier this year, a Ugandan man who reportedly was job-frustrated attempted to take his own life in the middle of a busy street in Dubai.

He took a plunge from a building but his suicidal move was unsuccessful, leaving him with a couple of broken limbs.

Henry Buwembo had left behind a written note disclosing his frustration over the amount of pay a recruitment agency had promised he would be getting at a job in Dubai, contrary to what he actually experienced when he got there.

While his case found its way into the news, it is feared scores other Ugandans are silently facing similar challenges abroad. For many, it is the work of crafty individuals or unlicensed ‘recruitment agencies’ who are only interested in taking advantage of the desperation of unwitting jobless Ugandans.

Previous official reports have revealed, among other things, that some Ugandans end up in the wrong hands as soon as they set foot on foreign soil.

Cases abound of young Ugandan women looking for jobs forced into the sex trade in overseas countries after being frustrated by far less pay than previously promised by their agents.

Most of these females report having their travel documents confiscated upon arrival on foreign soil to restrict their mobility while there, a move that strands them in case things go wrong.

Some are mistreated, given zero pay and worse, even sexually exploited.

Minister Rukutana said that all recent cases of Ugandans mistreated while working abroad have been connected with non-registered employment agencies.  

He pointed out that some companies that failed to maintain the required standards are deregistered.

His ministry is working with the ministry of internal affairs to fight human trafficking.

“It is obligatory for every Ugandan going to work abroad to register with the ministry of labour, gender and social development so that we monitor them and ensure they are safeguarded and not exploited.”

It is a requirement for both professionals and casuals who mainly work overseas.

Dubai in the UAE is one of the destinations for many Ugandans looking for overseas jobs

According to Rukutana, it does not matter how such individuals have sourced the employment.

Early this month, reports emerged of a Ugandan family – a pastor, his wife and son – found dead in their apartment in West Houston, USA.

It was not readily clear if Pastor Ahimbisibwe, who has two other teenage sons still alive in the US, was registered with the Ugandan ministry of labour.

The 25 licensed private overseas recruitment companies as of January 12 2015

2 Niles Public relations Agency Limited (sunset ARCADE, 2nd Floor, Wilson Road)

The Gideon’s Men Ltd (Plot No. 31/47 Port Bell Road, Luzira)

Normandy Company Uganda Ltd (Plot 136, Bukoto Street, Kamwokya)

J.A.G Security Group Limited (Plot 3676, Magoba Lane, Kisugu)

Saracen (U) Limited (Plot 15, Impala Avenue, Kololo)

Security Link Limited (Plot 126, Sentema Road, Bulange Mengo)

Ham Property Services and Management Limited (Bukesa, Bakuli, Hoima Road)

Mix Link Agency Limited (Plot 75, Kampala Road, 3rd Floor, Room C09, E-Towers)

Maghrib Agencies Limited (Busabala Road, Najjanankumbi Zone I)

Tirajo Employment Agency Limited (Rovis Building Ntinda)

International Employment Linkages (U) Limited (Plot 145/147 Ntinda Road)

Middle East Consultants Limited (Plot 21/31 Tank Hill Road, Muyenga)

Competitive Manpower International Limited (Beta House, Kigowa, Ntinda)

Round-Off International Limited (Seguku)

Karibun International Limited (Najjanankumbi next to Kenjoy supermarket).

Mobile Labour International Limited (Unik House, Kyaliwajala –Namugongo Road)

Horeb Services (U) Limited (Mbogo House, Wankulukuku opposite Kitebi SS)

Paval Consult Limited (Plot 246, Nabunya Road, Jerifa House)

Axis Warriors Limited (Plot 22, Bunyonyi Drive, Bugolobi-Kataza)

Reliable Logicians Uganda Limited (Plot 2010/2012, Portbell Road Luzira)

Al-Madinah Agency Limited (Plot 100, Wakaliga B, Rubaga, Behind Umeme Nalukulongo Office)

Askar Security Services Limited (Plot 242, Entebbe Road Lweza)

Swatt Services Limited

Alsalam Logistics & Consultancy Limited (Plot 254, Kizza Road and Makindye Lukuli Kizungu Zone)

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