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Pader RDC weds, Museveni gives couple ten cows

By Vision Reporter

Added 12th May 2013 08:38 PM

What God has united, man should not put a stand-down, Ugandans let’s be tolerant with one another and also formalise

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What God has united, man should not put a stand-down, Ugandans let’s be tolerant with one another and also formalise

By Chris Ocowun                                  

What God has united, man should not put a stand-down, Ugandans let’s be tolerant with one another and also formalise our marriages for a stable and violent free nation as we care and protect one another in the community, archbishop John Baptist Odama remarked.

Odama of Gulu archdiocese while wedding Pader RDC, Catherine Lamwaka with Thomas Opira, a member of the National NGO Board under the ministry of Internal Affairs preached against cohabiting saying that one bed cannot be shared by four people.

As many districts donated cows and goats to the newly married couple, Agago district transported a team of Bwola dancers to grace the wedding and UPDF brass band from 4th division rocked the church with hymn songs as services went on.

He argued that marriage is for love and not hatred saying that a steady nation or family is that where God’s presence is always felt, experienced and cherished.

Odama called upon all the OGs of Sacred Heart Girls School to wed since their chairperson, Lamwaka has led by example.

 “If the whole government official who is RDC and chairperson of Sacred Heart School Old Girls Association is wedding today, what are you waiting for?” he asked, adding that the stability of love in marriages is important in the family.

The archbishop challenged the couple to treat each other with respect and operate like the three cooking stones which are equal; without one the rest cannot work.

Opira and Lamwaka, who were registered number 6006 in the marriage register of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, received their marriage certificate from Odama on Saturday amidst ululations and excitements from the relatives and friends who filled up the church.

Museveni through the Minister Without Portfolio, Richard Todwong pledged ten freshian cows for milk to the couple.

The president according to Todwong, should have graced the wedding of the two senior NRM cadres, but due to other state duties, he could not as highly expected by the couple and their relatives.

UPDF brass band from the 4th division led the couple from St. Joseph’s Cathedral after wedding up to Acholi Inn for reception.

The wedding of the NRM cadres brought supporters of NRM and UPC, a party where Lamwaka hails from. Lamwaka’s brother Dan Oola Odiya in 2011 contested for Aswa parliamentary seat on UPC ticket but lost to FDC’s Reagan Okumu.

Only two MPs; Gilbert Olanya (Kilak) and the vice chairperson of Acholi Parliamentary Group, Lowila CD Oketayot of Pader attended the wedding of Opira and Lamwaka.

“All Ugandans should formalize their marriages as the motto says ‘For God and My Country’. We can do that through wedding for a stable country, church and community.

Nobody will now mess up with either Opira or Lamwaka because they know that they are married,” Odama remarked.

Odama who apologized for wrapping his gifts; bible and rosaries in a green cover, which to many is a DP colour, says “don’t worry of the colour of my gift. This colour symbolizes life.

I don’t belong to any political party. I pray for President Kaguta Museveni daily because leading a nation is not easy,”

Opira who hails from the Pageya-Punena clan in Patiko sub county and Lamwaka from the Pangira clan in Bungatira sub county all in Aswa county, Gulu district, got married traditionally in 2008 after cohabiting for about three years.

Speakers like UPDF Brig Charles Otema Awany, the UPDF chief of logistics and 4th division commander, Brig Bade wished Opira and Lamwaka love and advised them not to allow domestic violence break their marriage.

Gulu RDC, James Kidega Nok advised the youth not to hurry into church marriage saying that Opira and Lamwaka took some years studying each other before they got married.

He however cautioned the youth against drinking sachet waragi which he said women are complaining that has made their husbands impotent.

The parents of Opira asked Minister Todwong to tell the president to revive Patiko diary cooperative society and equip it with milk coolers to help the communities who are restocking their cattle after the LRA war.

He urged the president to intervene in the conflict which is tearing apart Acholi war debt claimants.

The wedding was attended by several leaders from the Acholi districts of Gulu, Pader, Amuru, Nwoya, Kitgum, Agago and Lamwo regardless of their political difference.

Opira and Lamwaka who already have two children, promised not to disappoint the Acholi people by breaking the marriage.

Pader RDC weds, Museveni gives couple ten cows

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