Fr. Musaala commission set up

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The Catholic Church has set up a commission to investigate allegations by Fr Anthony Musaala that some priests had deviated from the oath of celibacy.

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By Taddeo Bwambale

The Catholic Church has set up a commission to investigate allegations by Fr Anthony Musaala that some priests had deviated from the oath of celibacy.

“We have set up a commission to look into the allegations by Fr Musaala. As to whether the allegations are correct or not, the commission will determine,” he said.

Addressing journalists at his residence in Rubaga on Saturday, the Archbishop of Kampala, Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga said the commission would establish the truth.

The probe stems from a document purportedly authored by Musaala recently, claiming that many Catholic priests and bishops are sexually abusing minors, have mistresses and children who they are concealing or have abandoned

The letter also calls for a review of celibate chastity in the Catholic Church. Musaala has since acknowledged writing the document, but claims it leaked on the internet after he gave it to a fellow priest to edit it.

The Church suspended Musaala from duty, on grounds that the document damaged the good morals of believers and the church’s teachings.

Lwanga faulted Musaala for not using the established mechanisms of the church to express his views, instead choosing to go to the press.

“We have a well-established forum to handle such matters. Like the military, we do not go to the press. My fellow Bishops and I will address this matter squarely,” he said.

“I apologize to victims of any indiscretions that may have been committed, but I want to assure everyone that the Church will do its duty, and don’t lose hope,” he said.

Lwanga, however, distanced the church from individual faults of priests, stating that: ‘nobody commits sins on behalf of an institution.’

He revealed having met Musaala and received his explanation on the matter. He said the Church still ‘liked’ Musaala, but maintained that the values of the Catholic Church would be upheld.

In his Easter message, the Archbishop appealed to Ugandans to remain hopeful during difficult times, assuring them that God would not abandon His creation.

He cited, among others, breakdown in morals and values that were threatening the family; promiscuity, prostitution, pornography and poverty.

He said the Church had witnessed moments of sadness during the Lenten season, with the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

“With that background, dark clouds hang over us and everything looked dim and gloomy. However, we were all filled with happiness when Pope Francis was elected the 266th Pope in the just concluded conclave,” he said.

He hailed the Pope’s ‘simplicity, love, smile, compassion for the poor and message of hope,’ saying it had excited everyone.

Lwanga appealed to the Government to revive the Prosperity for All programme, and urged investors and organisations to help Ugandans to get out of dire poverty.


Fr. Musaala commission set up

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