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I don’t believe in Polygamy - Pallaso

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Musician Pallaso is brothers with other other local stars Weasel, Chameleone and AK47.

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Musician Pallaso is brothers with other other local stars Weasel, Chameleone and AK47.

Musician Pallaso is brothers with other other local stars Weasel, Chameleone and AK47. He had a chat with Emmanuel Luganda

Who is Pallaso?
I was born Pius Mayanja. I am a Ugandan artiste, a father of two and a friend.
Where have you been?
I lived in America for eight years but I met challenges like being imprisoned under unclear circumstances. I went to hell and back in places where nights and days were dark. I got to a time when time seemed to stand still. Being imprisoned in my early 20s was a painful experience.
was it over drugs?
No. I was jailed under unclear circumstances which I don’t want to discuss because I still have wounds on my heart.
Tell us about your fights with Radio and Weasel...

I met Radio, Weasel and their manager Jeff and we did Amaaso. But after their Amaaso-Ntunga launch, Radio developed misunderstandings with Jeff over percentage-sharing in their Goodlyfe Entertainment Company. This led to fights at Club Venom and Casablanca where I had to defend Jeff since he is the one who convinced me to come back to Uganda so he could be my manager. So, I am not on good terms with them because I support Jeff.

How is your Sugar Mummy? We heard you married after your release from jail?
Those are false rumours. I have a baby mama and we have two kids, not a sugar mummy as you people say.
Do you have ‘side dishes’ here and abroad?
I don’t have any side dish in Uganda but I have a baby mama in America.
Any differences between Ugandan and white girls?
Yes, the skin colour differs. Zungu chics have a good smooth light-skinned colour and they are focused and quick in decision-making, unlike Ugandans.

How does a celebrity remain faithful in love?
I don’t consider myself a celebrity so I behave normally towards my lover. But I believe celebrity status should not be fronted in a relationship.
What qualities do you look for in a woman?
After beauty, I also engage a woman’s heart as well as her brain. I also make sure she is in good health.
Do your children know any local language?
My kids speak English and to them that is a local language because it’s the language spoken in their country.
Are you back for good?
I am here to develop my music, so I am not certain about when I will return to the US. But if the need arises, I will go back since my family is in America.

What can you say about Ugandan Music?
It is progressing very fast, with lots of talent and drama as well. But all in all, the music industry is steadily growing due to the stiff competition.
Do you believe in Polygamy?
I don’t, but I stand for everybody having the freedom to do whatever they want with their life.
Are you on good terms with Chameleon?
I am on good terms with Chameleon and AK47. Weasel and I have differences at the moment but we have a new song called Omugongo which we recorded when I had just returned. But with time we will iron out our misunderstandings.
Any Ugandan female singer you admire?
I admire my singing partner Sheebah Karungi.
A crazy thing you have done in the name of love?

I left my family in America for the love of music and I think that was crazy.


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I don’t believe in Polygamy - Pallaso

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