Disabled people call for equal opportunities

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Added 26th November 2014 05:52 PM

People with disabilities (PWDs) have decried violence and discrimination in accessing equal opportunities in the country.

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By Umar Nsubuga and Violet Nabatanzi

KAMPALA - People with disabilities (PWDs) have decried violence and discrimination in accessing equal opportunities in the country.

One of the concerns that has bobbled to the surface concerning this particular group is access to justice, which they say is still a challenge.

Hellen Asamo, the chairperson of the National Union of Women with Disabilities (NUWODU), said at a press conference recently that disabled females especially suffer silently due to lack of support structures and communication barriers.

“People with disabilities, especially girls and women, face many challenges in schools,” she said.

“There are many obstacles affecting the completion of their studies. Without the necessary skills, they struggle to get jobs and therefore cannot get a source of income.”

To contribute to national development, women need equal choices and opportunities and a non-discriminative environment, she said.


On his part, NUWODU programme coordinator, Richard Khaemba, agreed to the mentioned concerns, adding that PWDs are not given as much space in the media as they should.

 “In both developed and developing countries, promoting an inclusive environment and equality for people with disabilities requires access to basic things such as toilets, ramps, interpreters and communication,” he explained.

Jolly Acen, the executive secretary, said NUWODU members have many untold stories.

“We want to work with journalists to show our country that disability is not inability.”

She said: “We a have strong voice for a common cause, particularly to defend, protect and promote the rights and advocate for equal opportunities for women and girls with disabilities.

“Gender mainstreaming of issues concerning girls and women with disabilities is key in all development programmes. This is because such girls and women face double discrimination due to their gender and their disability.”

The workshop, which attracted political leaders, members of civil society organisations and the media was aimed at building networks with various stakeholders on handling issues concerning people with disabilities.

Disabled people call for equal opportunities

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