A fairytale come true

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Eleanor Nansibo who plays Sister Hope in The Hostel, is a wild party animal in real life, she confessed

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Eleanor Nansibo who plays Sister Hope in The Hostel, is a wild party animal in real life, she confessed to Carol Kasujja

What is the difference between the Hope in The Hostel and the Eleanor at home?

There is a big difference. Hope in The Hostel is bornagain, laid back, conservative, local and judgmental. I am a party animal, open to life and I like hanging out a lot.

You are pregnant in The Hostel and in real life. What came first?

Real life. When my boss realised that I was pregnant they had to write a script for me. 

As a party animal, do you know who the father is?

Of course Matthew! That is weird. I am engaged and everyone knows it. Why would you ask me such a question?

How does it feel to be pregnant?

It is the best feeling ever. I am always rubbing my stomach and showing it to everyone. I feel good when everyone around me gives me attention and care. I eat whatever I crave for. I enjoy the baby kicks, and there is a lot of love from my husband because he is also excited about the new baby. I cannot wait to have my first born.

I have seen your husband, and he is fine! How do you control girls who stalk him?

We both have stalkers but we talk and laugh about them. Stalkers have no way in our lives because we are both committed to each other. We made an agreement, no giving out contacts to everyone especially strangers. If a stranger calls him at night, he lets me pick the phone. We respect each other.

In The Hostel your husband Matthew plays a cheat. How certain are you that he does not do the same in real life?

My husband is very committed, caring, sober, comes home in time, has no password on his phone and he is very open. He never has girls around him. He does not act like weak men. For the years we have dated, I know him better than you people in the media who are always writing negative stories about him. He is so different from the Gilo in the hostel.

Did you introduce him to your parents because you were insecure, pregnant or wanted to start a family together?

Matthew had proposed to me two years back but I was not yet ready. By the time we introduced, it was real love. My introduction was like a fairy-tale come true. It was purely love and romance and now we are a family.


A fairytale come true

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