Census enters second day

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The population and housing census has entered its second day after kicking off fairly smoothly across the country.

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In summary: Census history in Uganda

  • Uganda’s first census was taken in 1911. It was based on returns by chiefs from counting huts
  • The first truly scientific census was in 1948 where the enumeration unit was persons
  • The censuses of 1980 and 1991 included housing information
  • Questionnaires for the 1980 were lost and only provisional figures are available from this census
  • The census in 2002 covered more topics including population and housing, agriculture and macro and micro enterprises administered at individual/household level

By Vision Reporters

The population and housing census has entered its second day after kicking off with mixed incidents of a smooth exercise, and alleged attempts of sabotage.

The enumeration exercise, running for 10 days, will end next week on September 6 and is being conducted under the theme: “Counting for planning and improved service delivery.”
Security agencies, including the Police are on high alert and have deployed in enumeration areas to ensure that the process runs smoothly.
Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said on Thursday: “We are looking out for potential detractors like some religious groups that distort the benefits of the census through their messages.
“We expect to make a recap at the end of the day to find how the exercise is progressing.”

President Yoweri Museveni, along with three other family members, were among the first Ugandans to be enumerated. He was with his wife Janet and two children at State House Nakasero.

They were enumerated by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBoS) executive director, Ben Mungyereza.
Meanwhile, in Acholi Quarters in Banda, Nakawa division (Kampala), enumerators began working at about 9:00am local time instead of the official 7:00am.
Some enumerators were also seen clashing with guides over a map that was supposed to help them trace households.
Some residents raised concern that the census time was unfavourable.
“I go to my work place with all my children at 7:00am and only return at 8:00pm. Why don’t they come and count me from here (work place)?” Ritah Nalujja, a kiosk owner said.
Emmanuel Omona, who is supervising the exercise in the area, said they were instructed to record data from persons at their homes, not at their work places.
Some residents also reportedly refused to open their doors when enumerators approached their households.
Miriam Nabwire, an enumerator, said in the event that a resident declines to talk or is absent when the census is carried out, a code is written on their doors for a followup.
Enumerators leave the training workshop at Bulera subcounty headquarters in Mityana district on Tuesday. PHOTO/Luke Kagiri 

An enumerator writes down the responses from one of the families in Kikuubo Zone in Mpererwe, Kawempe Division. PHOTO/Maria Wamala

The family of Sylivia Kimara in Banda B1 was also enumerated. PHOTO/Juliet Kasirye

President Museveni, his wife Janet and two other family members were counted. Have you? PHOTO/Abu Mwesigwa

Here, the family of Salongo Semanda John and Milly Namuleme in Kanyanya Kisenyi Zone being counted. PHOTO/Maria Wamala

Simon Okoli enumerates Hajji Lubega Wagwa in Nabisunsa, Nakawa division. PHOTO/Eddie Ssejjoba
 Some enumerators resorted to pushing the questionnaires under the residents’ doors.

In Bulambuli, the Police arrested 19 believers of a local cult known as Enjiri, on suspicion of decampaigning the census enumeration exercise.
‘Satanic and unbiblical’
Alphonse Musoni, the Bulambuli district Police commander, said the arrested cult members come from different sub-counties within Bulambuli, namely: Namisuni, Bulago, Buginyanya, Masila and Buswa.
According to the Police, the suspects did not allow their wives and children to be counted while others chased away the enumerators.
The religious cult forbids followers from seeking medical treatment and participating in programmes that involve registration and counting.
They claim it is satanic and unbiblical.
Musoni said the group would be charged with disobeying lawful orders and sabotaging a government programme.
Also arrested was Edward Walimba, the LC1 chairperson of Buta cell in Bulambuli town council.

According to the Police, he attempted to block enumerators from accessing his village because he was never given an appointment letter from UBOS with which he could later claim payment.

Census enters second day

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