Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr

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Muslims have been advised to stick to the foundations of Islam even after Ramadan.

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Muslims have been advised to stick to the foundations of Islam even after Ramadan.

Muslims all over the country have gathered in large numbers to celebrate Eid al-Fitr 

Eid al-Fitr is a celebration to mark the end of the Holy month of Ramadan. Muslims have been advised to stick to the foundations of Islam even after Ramadan.

"We encourage Muslims not  to change their ways even when Ramadan ends,” Sheikh Rajab Kakooza, the director for Shariah at the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) 

trueMuslims praying at Arua primary football ground . Sunday 19 August 2012



Nakibinge asks for feedback on Sentamu’s murder 

By Wilfred Sanya 

The Prince of Buganda Kassim Nakibinge has demanded the Inspector General of Police Lt Gen. Kale Kayihura to tell the country who killed Sheikh Abdul Karim Sentamu.

 “It is now four months ever since late Sentamu was shot dead in Kampala. The Inspector General of Police declared a follow-up on the case and bring those assailants to book but we have not been updated on what is on ground”, Nakibinge said.

Prince Kassim Nakibinge at Kibuli mosque ahead of prayers marking the end of Ramadan. 19 August, 2012.  PHOTO/ Wilfred Sanya

Prince Nakibinge gave the remarks during the reception held at his residence after prayers at Kabuli mosque to wish Muslims end of Holy Ramadan.

He noted that around the same time they lost the Deputy Mufti Sheikh Abdul Hakim Ssekimpi who had spearheaded the unity of  Muslims country wide. “As Muslims, we lost a man who was putting us together once again,” he said


Muslims praying at Kibuli mosque to mark the end of Ramadan. 19 August, 2012. PHOTO/ Wilfred Sanya

He appealed to Muslims to be focused and not to lose hope more especially those who thought were left out during the recent cabinet and other government appointments.

“As Muslims we should find out our weaknesses before complaining about the appointing authority. We need to prepare ourselves to be counted among those elected in those positions”, He noted.


Prince Kassim Nakibinge, Sheikh Obeid Kamulegeya ,Sheikh Zubair Kayongo , Console of Djibouti Muhammed Majembere praying at the grave yard of  the late Prince Badru Nakibinge at Kibulli. 19 August, 2012.  PHOTO/Wilfred Sanya

He saluted all those who had supported the Muslim brothers in breaking their fast and encouraged those who participated in the fasting to continue with what they had committed themself to during the holy month and to remain religious. 

Among the guests was the  Third Deputy Prime Minister, Moses Ali who asked Prince Nakibinge to allow his home be used as a place where to have dialogue for those with conflicts. 

He added that before the colonial master, Buganda was model for the rest of the country to learn from. The current religions should not divide the people of Uganda.          

Kampla Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and the Third deputy Prime Minister Moses Ali at Prince Nakibinge’s residence. 19 August, 2012. PHOTO/ Wilfred Sanya


Road closes for Eid al-Fitr prayer

By Fred Turyakira

The Traffic police in Mbarara on Sunday closed both ends of Buremba road leading to Abubakar Jamia Mosque from Mbarara town as multitudes of Muslim worshipers crowded at the mosque for Eid al-Fitr prayers to end the month of Ramadan.

Security was tight as police checked all worshippers heading for prayers.

Hajj Issa Kakule, the mosque chairperson who doubles as the mosque’s chairperson construction committee, said women prayed in the road due to lack of enough space and the ongoing construction work to the expansion of the mosque’s compound.

Women praying along the road due to a big turn up that filled the mosque beyond capacity at Uganda Muslim
Supreme council district headquarters in Kakoba Division, Mbarara town. PHOTO/ Fred Turyakira

Kakule explained that the completion of the construction work would create enough space for prayers and parking yard.

He asked muslims and political leaders in Mbarara for financial support towards construction and sh2.5m in cash and pledges were raised by the worshippers on Eid al-Fitr prayers. 

He said over sh20m was needed for the completion of the construction.

Hajj Adam Swaleh, the Mbarara district Muslim supreme council chairperson, called for transparency and proper accountability in the running of both government and muslim projects.

He also called for unity and forgiveness among all noting that co-operation was vital for the development of the religion and  nation.

Swaleh, urged parents to support education and follow up their children at school and know their character for better performance.

truePolice checking worshipers ahead of the prayers 

 “My son spent three years in one of the universities in India and came with nothing, he did not study and I spent over sh18m for his studies.  I did not follow him at the University because India was far. I forgave him when he came back, he enrolled in Uganda and he is doing well. I appeal all parents to visit their children at school because I don’t want you to witness what happened on me,” He advised.

Wilson Tumwine, the Mbarara Municipality mayor, asked Muslims to work hard and stop begging for support from outside countries, saying there was no country that gives free money only if they have an exchange program that benefits both parties.

He also urged them especially youth to maintain the discipline they had during fasting period and not to engage in criminal acts.

Sheikh, Ramadan Hamis, the district khadi, appealed the government to help Mbarara Muslim community to recover their money from Asian community who took their land and ZAMZAM hospital in Mbarara opposite Mbarara Bus Park.

“Asians took our property 10 years back and they have refused to pay us, we need government intervention because this property would generate income for us,” He said.


Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr

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