Woman steals babies to keep boyfriend

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Nine people are in Police custody in connection with the ‘theft’ of two children in Makindye

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By Eddie Ssejjoba                              

 Nine people are in Police custody in connection with the ‘theft’ of two children in Makindye, a city suburb.

The suspects include Fiona Nassozi who allegedly stole the two children from their mother, Mariam Babirye's food stall in Nabisaaalu Zone, Makindye.

The kids, three-and half months baby, Prince and Simon Kaizuka (4) have been missing for over two months. 

Other suspects include Julius Lule and his wife Brenda Ndagire, Rose Birungi, Annette Nalunga, Robinah Nalule, Goretti Namawejje, Irene Nakato and Ronald Ssemmanda.

Police are yet to arrest the key suspect, Sylvia Nakanwagi, who allegedly hired Nassozi to steal the children. The nine suspects are either relatives or friends of Nakanwagi and said to have played a role in the matter.

Nassozi and Nakanwagi were both working as food vendors at Kibuye.  Nassozi is also related to another suspect, Lule.

The children's mother Mariam Babirye sells food at a roadside stall in Nabisaalu zone. On the fateful day, Nassozi reportedly approached Babirye at the stall seeking to work for her as a housemaid.

The unsuspecting mother then allowed the "maid" to take care of the children as she attended to her customers. In due course, Nassozi allegedly sneaked away with the children.

According to Police investigations, Nassozi allegedly handed the children to Nakanwagi who immediately went into hiding.

During investigations, Police established that before the children were stolen Nakanwagi has pestered Babirye to get a housemaid to look after the children.

Police decided to interrogate Nakanwagi, but discovered she had left her residential place.  Police were informed that Nakanwagi sent Julius Lule to collect her household items from the house after the theft of the children. Police then arrested Lule and his wife who gave information leading to the arrest of Nassozi.

Police say Nakanwagi was last seen on Saturday at the home of a relative in Maganjo near Kawempe suburbs, with the children. She reportedly claims to be the mother of the children. 

The deputy CID at Katwe police station, ASP Yasumina Janni, who is investigating the case said according to Nakanwagi's relative who is also in Police custody, the children were still in good health.

 In Maganjo, Nakanwagi reportedly visited a witchdoctor to help her elude arrest.

Police have not established Nakanwagi's motive for stealing the children.  It is suspected Nakanwagi wanted to present the kids to her lover.

According to Police, Nassozi, in her statement claimed that Nakanwagi told her that the babies belonged to her husband.

The children's father, Kenneth Kaizuka said his wife is too traumatized and has opted to keep stay indoors at their home in Makindye.

"She is crying all the time and rarely talks," he said.

"I still have hope that the babies are still alive and I know we shall get them one day," Kaizuka said.

Detectives at Katwe said they the suspected kidnapper had changed her cell phone and SIM Card. 

Who is Nakanwagi?

According to her relatives in custody, Nakanwagi is aged about 25 years and is daughter to one Mandevu, a truck driver who is now operating in South Sudan.

She grew up at Kiryassaaka village in Kibinge Sub County, Bukomansimbi district with her grandfather, Emmanuel Lubega. She studied at Kitaasa Primary School and dropped out before completing Primary seven.  At the time of the incident, she was working at Kibuye taxi stage as a food vendor.  

Woman steals babies to keep boyfriend

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