Dog bites off boy’s genitals

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Added 21st February 2012 03:14 AM

A boy whose genitals were bitten off by a neighbor’s dog has been referred to Mulago hospital


By Faustine Odeke

A 12-year old boy whose genitals were bitten off by an aggressive neighbor’s dog has been referred to Mulago hospital urology unit for possible perineal reconstruction surgery.

The tragedy happened  in Osukuru subcounty, Tororo district as the victim was attacked by the dog when he was cleaning his anus on the ground.

The dog belongs to a bar owner, Simon Owino Otim.

Tororo main hospital medical superintendent Dr Andrew Opete said the boy sustained extensive perineal injury involving the glands, penile shaft and scrotum.

The incident happened at the school latrine [toilet] where the victim had gone for convenience at around 5.30 pm.

John Henry Okumu, the boy’s father said the victim immediately raised an alarm that attracted a huge crowd that discovered him lying in a pool of blood.

Okumu explained how shocked everybody was to discover that the boy’s testicles were all missing as the dog had “bitten and eaten them”.

He said they rushed the boy to Mbale Regional hospital immediately, but they were forced to return home on after failing to meet the costs of treatment there.

The day after, the victim was rushed to Tororo main hospital for treatment when his condition started to deteriorate.

Plan Tororo, a local Non-governmental Organization (NGO) made an immediate intervention by providing logistics support to transport the victim to Mulago in Kampala.

Phillip Oningo, the community development facilitator in charge of Osukuru sub-county said Plan Tororo will fuel the ambulance provided by the hospital and provide all the financial support needed at the hospital and the general upkeep of the attendants until the treatment is complete.

The NGO’s intervention follows an appeal by Okumu to all Good Samaritans to come to his rescue since he was financially handicapped.

The officer-in-charge of criminal investigation at Tororo police station Milton Birungi said Otim, the dog owner, has been arrested.

Birungi explained that the suspect will be brought before court and charged with rash and negligence once the resident state attorney sanctions his file.

Dog bites off boy’s genitals

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