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Mystery date

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Each week, two lucky people get the chance to go on a blind date.

Each week, two lucky people get the chance to go on a blind date. This week, Ritah, 21, went with
Robert, 28, to Choma Restaurant at Centenary Park, Jinja Road.
To participate, write to Intimate, P. O. Box 9815, Kampala, or email to or send sms. Type: mystery (space) your message and send to 8338 (for Zain, utl and WARID)

Where do you live? Old Kampala
Occupation: Student at UMCAT
Star sign: Libra
Interests: Reading novels
Favourite Film: Wicked weapon
Music: Slows
What do people find attractive about you? I am a quiet girl
What don’t people like about you?
I do not talk to everyone
What would you love your
mystery date to be? Caring
What makes you happy?
When I am on good terms with my boyfriend

When he arrived, he asked if I had been there for a long time and I said I had. He then apologised for turning up late, saying he was held up somewhere.

We discussed a number of issues ranging from our lives to family background.

Unfortunately, he kept receiving phone calls and this interrupted our conversation on several occasions.

After our dinner, he suggested that we leave because he had to prepare for work the next day.

We later exchanged contacts and he sent a text message after I had reached home, wishing me a good night. I replied thanking him for his company during the date.

What struck you most in him?
His height. I like tall guys.

Anything that displeased you?
He kept excusing himself to take the phone calls.

Are you still in touch?
Yes, we have been communicating since then.

Where do you live?

Muyenga, Kampala
Occupation: Accountant
Interests: Reading and swimming
Star sign: Taurus
Favourite movie:
Rush hour
Music: RnB
What don’t people like about you?

I am straight-foward
What do people find attractive about you?

I am social
What would you love your
mystery dream date to be?

Anyone who is not a witch
What makes you happy?
True love

I was excited at the prospect of meeting a stranger and picking up a relationship with her.

As I arrived at the venue, I felt a little tense and I wondered where to begin from. When I saw her, she looked beautiful and I was impressed.

After exchanging the usual pleasantries, I noticed that she was equally tense.

To calm the situation, I excused myself and went to the bathroom to freshen up. When I returned, the conversation started to flow smoothly.

For dinner, I chose pork and chips, while she went for fish and chips. Our orders were delivered at the same time and we started to eat.

I offered her a bite but she declined. Later when she offered me part of her fish, I also turned it down.

No love topic surfaced?
No. I felt it was not appropriate since it was the first meeting.

What did you find impressive about her?
She is quiet and decent.

What would you ask her to improve on?
Maybe she can improve on her composure.

Do you intend to continue with her?
Yes. We shall be friends because I might need her one day.


Mystery date

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