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Make him feel like the man

By Vision Reporter

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Doing things that boost your man’s ego will make your relationship flourish

Six things to boost his ego
By Vision reporter

Yes, Valentine’s Day came and went, but that is no excuse to stop showing him love. Men have egos and they need to be pampered. If what comes to your mind only revolves around body massage, a tasty meal, your appearance, kisses and sexual fulfillment, then you are not thinking outside the box.

You are leaving his ego in the desert at the mercy of ‘vultures’.
Pampering a man goes down to the things she does that makes him ‘feel her’ unconditionally. But how about the magic of words? Are there things you can tell him to make him feel sexy, appreciated and needed?

Sure. While some may sound like flattery, if you want your man to glow in the relationship, it will not be a waste of your breathe if you say; “Honey, you look great.”

Men have insecurities, too. They are conscious about their bellies, looks and more. Unlike a woman, a man may not show it. As a woman, do not go about ignoring the fact that sometimes your hubby may be peering into that dressing mirror for something more than wondering if his shirt looks better tucked in or left out, or if his belly is sticking out a little too far over his belt. Such a compliment is the ultimate boost at that moment.

Moses will not doubt that his gym sessions are doing wonders, but the bigger and better picture is that his love for you will multiply tenfold the moment you compliment his physique.

You are right
We all like to be right. Where else does it come better than in arguments! An argument is that time when you put aside your pride for your relationship. Sure, it might make you feel sheepish, but it is worth it. Trade the pride and win his confidence and love with that simple phrase. It will make him feel good and show that you are a reasonable person who can admit it when you are wrong.

I love your (say body part)
Sometimes you have to press specific buttons to make him feel good. Just tell him you like his hairy chest when he takes off his shirt. Praise his biceps, nose or anything else you can say without laughing or blushing too much. Relationship experts say men are sensitive about their manly bits and they want to know that you are attracted to what they have.

I love it when you (caress the spot)
This can benefit you as much as him. Women always want men to be the first to switch the romantic buttons on. People say women can only display the signs. Sad.
“Even if your man is the one who always makes the first move, chances are that he sometimes feels like you should,” says Kajjumba Mayanja, a counselling psychologist at Makerere University. “If you don’t tell him what you like, then he will be left clueless.”
Mark you, some men are slow but proud. If you do not compliment him he might think you do not like what he is doing. And of course, the more you tell him you love it when he scratches your lower back, or runs his fingers along your chest, the more he will do it.

That woman checked you out
Some men are fiery. They will not tolerate you talking about anything that suggests he grazes offside. Noting in his presence that another lady has just checked him out, may rub him the wrong way. Yet, to soothe his ego, you need such bold assertions. But, it also tells him that you just saw another woman looking at him and you are not afraid to tell him.
It shows that you are confident that he will not be lured away by another girl. Plus, what guy can resist the thought that women glimpse at him? So, if you can also chip in a line like: “See, I am not the only one who appreciates you. . .” You could score more points with him.

You are not going bald
Many young men hate balding with a passion. Yet, life is sometimes so unfair that at 22, some men begin to lose their hair. Losing hair is one of a man’s greatest fears. So, even if he is getting a bit ‘naked’ on his head, tell him he is not. That is what we may call positive lies. Remember that you are trying to soothe his ego and make him more romantic. So you win.

Make him feel like the man

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