Kasubi: Leave no stone unturned

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Added 1st April 2010 03:00 AM

On Wednesday Joseph Musoke came forward and confessed to have torched the Kasubi tombs.

Reportedly, a witchdoctor-turned-devout Christian, Musoke told the Police he saw a vision that ordered him to go and set fire to the tombs.

Subsequent inquiry suggests the gentleman has a history of mental illness, and interviews with his relatives cast doubt on his confession. This does not necessarily discount his confession but means it should be gone over with a fine comb.

In addition, the Police say they have three other suspects in custody. It is amazing that no progress has been made so far.

Following the hundreds of onlookers who trampled all over the tombs the night of the fire, it was going to be hard to reconstruct the scene of the crime in a way that would bring up useful leads.

Can the Police extricate any details about the perpetrators — footprints, burning mechanism or even facial descriptions?

In such an environment loaded heavily against the Police, it will take a high degree of professionalism to make head or toe of the issue.
An already resource-strapped Police is starting from a severely handicapped position. Given this scenario the Police cannot help, but take everything and everyone seriously.

These are sensitive times. The tension between the central Government has been palpable for a while and the stakes are high. To help in assuaging tempers it is critical that the mystery be solved sooner than later.

For a start, all existing witnesses should be sequestered to ensure their safety and all evidence should be treated with the utmost caution.

One would question the wisdom of carrying out an investigation in the media but then again, these are unusual circumstances and the Police are probably bending over backwards to ensure maximum transparency.

The Police should leave no stone unturned in the hunt for the perpetrators of the fire.

Kasubi: Leave no stone unturned

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