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Do I qualify for procurement?
I sat S6 in 2007 and got ODCB4 in biology, agriculture, geography, economics and general paper. I am now 24 years old. Can I be admitted for a degree in procurement and logistics or arts in economics?

Do I qualify for procurement?
I sat S6 in 2007 and got ODCB4 in biology, agriculture, geography, economics and general paper. I am now 24 years old. Can I be admitted for a degree in procurement and logistics or arts in economics?

Vincent Ekwang, the Makerere deputy registrar for admissions, says you are still eligible for admission despite having sat A’level in 2007. Two principal passes is the minimum admission requirement. Admission to bachelor of arts in economics requires that you possess a principal pass in economics, which is the essential subject. Other relevant subjects include geography and agriculture. Since you passed all these subjects, Ekwang says you are eligible for the course. Ekwang also says you are eligible for the bachelor of procurement and logistics management since the course is nonrestrictive on subjects studied at A’level.

I want public health degree
I would like to know whether I can be admitted to Makerere University for a bachelor of public health degree or any course in the faculty of computing, through the mature age entry scheme.
R. Businge

Alfred Namoa, Makerere University academic registrar, says the mature age entry scheme is open for admission to all courses as long as the candidate is aged above 25. Besides, for a candidate to qualify for entry to the university, they must sit and pass the university mature entry examination, normally an aptitude test set by the National Council for Higher Education. Candidates are also subjected to a second test that is relevant to the course they applied for. If you pass this one, you can be admitted to that course.

When will list of tertiaries be out?
When will the list of tertiary government sponsored students be out?

Jolly Nzamukunda, the assistant commissioner for higher education, says lists of government-sponsored students in diploma-awarding institutions come out after all the five public universities have completed admitting government students. Therefore, the list is expected to be released around August.

Someone’s degree was cancelled
Someone’s bachelors and master’s degrees were disapproved on the basis of O and A’level certificates. He decided to re-sit UNEB exam at these levels. If he passes, will his degrees remain valid?

Phenny Birungi, the assistant director of the National Council for Higher Education, says your degrees will be invalid because you might have obtained the degrees on the basis of fake “O” and “A” level certificates. He says, you will have to repeat all levels of education if you want to get a degree.

What course goes with PCB/M
I did PCB/M and scored EODO. What course do I qualify for?

Ann Mugerwa, the Kyambogo University academic registrar, says since you scored principal passes in physics and biology, you can apply for courses like Bachelor of Science with Education, Library and Information Science, and Records and Archives Management that are nonrestrictive on subjects passed at A’ level. But Mugerwa advises that you look for universities that are not so competitive because your cutoff weight is low. Alternatively, you can opt to begin with a diploma and upgrade later.

I want to become an accountant
I am an S6 student taking history, economics, divinity and fine art. Which course do I qualify for? My dream is accounting.

At Makerere University, accounting is taught under bachelor of commerce and bachelor of business administration. Ann Mugerwa, the academic registrar of Kyambogo University, says as long as you pass economics and other subjects, you can qualify for any of the above courses. You can also try bachelor of education, social sciences, development studies, and population studies in various universities.

Which course do I qualify for?
I scored DOCB6 in literature, economics, divinity and Kiswahili. Which course do I qualify for?

Ann Mugerwa, the academic registrar of Kyambogo University, says you are eligible for bachelor’s degrees in development studies, administrative and secretarial science, education, social sciences and information sciences.

Do I qualify for a business course at university?
I studied history, economics, geography and entrepreneurship and scored ACCC and C5 in GP. I also scored P7 in mathematics at O’ level. Do I qualify for a business course at Makerere University Business School or Mbarara?
Amwine Josephat

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), the only business course at Mbarara University, is almost a preserve of students who studied sciences at A’ level. Mathematics and economics are the essential subjects for that course. This means you might not be admitted for BBA. But you can opt for development studies and information technology. At MUBS, you are eligible for human resource management and business computing.

We can help weak students
I have a problem with Uganda’s education system which focuses on passing exams and making profit. It makes it difficult for children who are perceived as ‘weak’ to succeed.
Ideally, a good school should turn a ‘weak’ student into a successful individual. The media should applaud schools that receive ‘weak’ students instead of schools that get the ‘cream’ of students and get best results out of them. Weak students are stigmatised by their peers, teachers and sometimes parents. They live through hell because of circumstances beyond their control. How can teachers and parents help such pupils realise their dreams?
I had one such child but of late, his grades have improved drastically. This is because my friends and I have supported him throughout his difficult times. The teachers have also helped him identify his niche — sports. By doing sports, my son gained confidence and improved his self-esteem. He is still not the brightest but scores above average and is heading for a good university. I think there are few children who are ‘not redeemable’ and it is not their fault. The challenge for us is to identify the talent in these children and turn them into successful individuals.
Christine Bisaso

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