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Will Oguttu fight Bukholi jiggers?

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Added 29th October 2010 03:00 AM

BUGIRI LC 5 chairman, Hajji Siraji Lyavala defeated fisheries state minister Fred Mukisa in the NRM primaries for Bukooli Central.

By Moses Bikala

BUGIRI LC 5 chairman, Hajji Siraji Lyavala defeated fisheries state minister Fred Mukisa in the NRM primaries for Bukooli Central.

However, he faces stiff challenge from the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) spokesman, Wafula Oguttu, who was recently elected unopposed as the official flag bearer for the party in the constituency next year.

Oguttu stood in 2006 but lost to Mukisa with a small margin. Most of the people in the constituency say they regretted voting Mukisa in 2006.

Oguttu enjoys in Nankoma, Buwunga and Bulidha sub-counties.

Most of Oguttu supporters claim he is the right person to help solve most of their problems since most of the politicians from the ruling NRM party have failed.

The constituency was recently in the media over jigger infestation. There is also high unemployment and poverty in the district.

He is also likely to benefit from the division in the NRM supporters, following the recent mess in the party’s primaries.

A section of the NRM supporters in the constituency have vowed to support any member of the opposition, claiming their candidate, Mukisa was cheated by Lyavala.

Although he has been criticized by some of his supporters for failure to communicate in the local Lusoga language, Oguttu is likely to take advantage of the big population of Basamia.

Almost three quarter of the population in Bukooli Central are Basamia.

The other contestant is Solomon Silwany, a senior project coordinator in charge child protection in Plan Uganda, an NGO based in Kampala.

Although he is a new comer, Silwany has already attracted a big number of supporters, especially the youth three months since he declared his intentions to contest on an independent ticket.

Most of his supporters say his is the right choice since he is still young and is able to move anywhere with ease. The supporters said most of the old politicians give them soap and petty money and later disappear.

Silwany’s presence at several functions has always caused excitement from his supporters.

He is a good public speaker. Having participated in elections for the guild president at Makerere University four years back, Silwany believes there is nothing that can stop him from winning the race.

Most of his supporters also feel their candidate will win since his name means good luck.

However Lyavala is not an easy person to beat. He is one of the few politicians in the Busoga region who can do anything in order to please his supporters.

He was seen several times kneeling before supporters at rallies while lobbying for support. He has also participated in traditional dance competitions with women during public functions.

Most of his supporters say he is easily approachable and can mix with everyone regardless of their economic or social status.

Lyavala has the advantage of reaching several areas when he was LC5 chairman. Being a politician who lobbied for the creation of Bugiri district from Iganga in 1997 is likely to favour him come 2011 elections.

Will Oguttu fight Bukholi jiggers?

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