160 graduate from Fairland University

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Added 21st November 2010 03:00 AM

A total of 162 students have graduated in various disciplines at the Fairland University in Jinja district.

By Jackie Nambogga
and Doreen Musingo

A total of 162 students have graduated in various disciplines at the Fairland University in Jinja district.

Presiding over the fifth graduation ceremony held at the Jinja town hall on Thursday, the retired Archbishop of the Seventh Day Adventist church, Pr. John Luga Wanni, noted with concern the poor attitude of parents in Uganda towards education.

Wanni said most higher learning institutions were dominated by students from the neighbouring countries.

He noted that this had made the competition for the white collar jobs stiff.

“Today, most schools and universities have been dominated by students from Kenya and Tanzania. This is very dangerous to the social, political and economic development of our country,” Wanni said.

He also criticised the people of Busoga for ignoring the only university in the region.

The archibishop said the more the levels of enrollment, the higher the chances of developing the area.

“If enrollment in the university goes high, it means that people’s earnings in the area will greatly improve. Those running restaurants, stationeries, boda-boda cyclists, and in the tourism industry will gain. Even those who can put up hostels to accommodate the students will do so,” he said.

Wanni hailed the founder of the university, Dr. Solomon Wakabi, for his wise decision to develop people’s minds.

He, however, observed that some educated people were becoming useless due to alcoholism.

“Of late, the learned friends are getting more wasted because they drink their heads off. You graduates should desist from such behaviour,” Wanni counseled.

Wakabi, who is also the university chancellor, cautioned the graduands against HIV/AIDS, human rights abuse and corruption.

“The whole world is at war with these. As you leave the gates of this university, be aware of them because they might come your way. Don’t lead a reckless life to frustrate your guardians, and protect people’s rights. Desist from corruption, and you will live happily,” he advised.

Of the 162 graduands, 102 were awarded degrees, while 40 received diplomas. A total of 14 matched away with certificates and six got-post graduate diplomas.

160 graduate from Fairland University

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