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A LOT has been said about what a colleague of mine last week summed up as the Dorcus Inzikuru drama.

A case of public appeal
By James Bakama

A LOT has been said about what a colleague of mine last week summed up as the Dorcus Inzikuru drama.
But amongst the things that struck me was a criticism against publicising the star athlete's woes.
To this critic, going public was a means of cheap politics by detractors aimed at not only psychologically unsettling the runner, but also undermining the efforts of those who manage Inzikuru.
This critic also questioned the timing of the issue.
What was actually disturbing him was why other stars, who could have previously even been more badly off, had not had their plight highlighted.
This seasoned administrator, like many people who hold similar views, was certainly missing the bigger point. There is more to this story than just politics.
The Inzikuru saga has more to do with the image of a star and those who idolise that personality.
And, how this issue is handled could go a long way in shaping attitudes towards athletics.
No one would love his pathetic roots exposed. But, take it or leave it, when you become a public figure, even what you would consider as the most private aspect of your life is subjected to public scrutiny.
Queries about the timing are watered down by the facts on the ground. Whether Inzikuru's family's plight is factual or a concoction is more important than the timing.
Whoever raised the issue should actually be praised for being a pioneer in unveiling sportsmen’s woes.
What most people are forgetting, is that Inzikuru is by Ugandan standards a big star. That is exactly why she has twice been voted as Uganda's top sports personality of the year. She further boosted this stardom with two continental medals recently.
Inzikuru is therefore an idol that millions of youths would like to emulate.
But imagine what could have happened to these followers after learning that all their heroine had for a home was a shack!
Like I earlier said, how this issue is handled will have far reaching implications.

I Say So

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