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President, please sort out Maracha-Terego

By Vision Reporter

Added 1st February 2009 03:00 AM

Three years down the road, the new Maracha-Terego district has failed to take off.

Peter Kamure

Three years down the road, the new Maracha-Terego district has failed to take off.

The issue of the location of the district headquarters is still in court. A court ruling on the matter has been postponed several times. These wrangles have affected service delivery since the appropriate structures are not in place or not functioning well.

On this note, I would like to petition President Yoweri Museveni on the unresolved issue of Maracha-Terego district. As part of its decentralisation policy and implementation programme, the Government provided in 2005/6 for the creation of new districts and urban authorities. It is by this act that the new Maracha-Terego district was formed.

However, because of the delayed court ruling over the district headquarters, people have been denied the services for which the new district was created. An old adage goes: “Justice delayed is justice denied”. If the Government does not intervene in the court ruling, the people of Maracha-Terego will blame it for frustrating the delivery of services and development in general. The people will assume that because their Members of Parliament are both in the opposition, the Government is sidetracking their development.

Some selfish politicians in the area may use this state of affairs to promote their personal ambitions at the expense of the people’s interests.

It is in this light that I urge the President to take a leading role in resolving the Maracha-Terego district issue. In my opinion ,this matter should be resolved before the 2011 elections.

I suggest that the Government adopt the following strategies as a means of solving this problem: The President needs to intervene and make the court make its pronouncement.

The Government should also ignore the MPs of the region who belong to the opposition and the statements that seem to contravene Governments development programmes.

The people of Maracha-Terego believe in the NRM leadership and support all the Government programmes.

The writer is a former employee of the African Development Bank

President, please sort out Maracha-Terego

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