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Kabaka celebrates 54 years

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Buganda must focus on real issues if the kingdom is to prosper, Katikkiro (premier) Eng. John Baptist Walusimbi has said.

By Anthony Bugembe and Catherine Bekunda

Buganda must focus on real issues if the kingdom is to prosper, Katikkiro (premier) Eng. John Baptist Walusimbi has said.

Focusing on trivialities instead of substance, he said, had hindered Buganda’s development and created division which had set back the kingdom.

The Katikkiro added: “By focusing on real issues and sticking by them, we shall help the Kabaka to fulfill the plans he has for us.”

Walusimbi made the remarks while addressing the congregation at the service to mark the 54th birthday anniversary of Kabaka Ronald Mutebi at Namirembe Cathedral yesterday. The Kabaka did not talk at the occasion.

“The Baganda are here to thank you for the exemplary leadership of close to 16 years now. We are asking God to grant you more years so that you can fulfill all your plans for the kingdom,” Walusimbi added.

Prime Minister Prof. Apolo Nsibambi urged the Baganda to use dialogue when fronting the kingdom’s interests.

“There are many things that Buganda is interested in. Other regions also have their interests. That is why we should negotiate with each other,” Nsibambi said.

Nsibambi challenged the congregation to read the book: The Buganda Factor in Uganda Politics by Prof. Phares Mutibwa. “It will help you appreciate your responsibility as Baganda and the centrality of Buganda as a factor,” he said.

Namirembe diocese caretaker Bishop Eriya Paul Luzinda appreciated the Government’s recognition of Buganda’s position in Uganda’s politics.

“The government’s decision to meet with the Mengo establishment to find a solution not only regarding the land Bill but even on other matters like federo is a welcome gesture,” Luzinda said.

He advised Baganda to desist from greed and excessive love of money. Luzinda also preached against incest, homosexuality and lesbianism which have dominated newspaper headlines in the last fortnight.

“Some of your subjects have forgotten their roots; our motherland Buganda. They have disregarded our cultural norms and are sacrificing their own children and relatives to become rich. This will get us nowhere,” Luzinda said.

After the service, the Kabaka visited the Mapeera Bakateyamba Home of the elderly at Nalukolongo and donated 137 blankets, four bags of sugar and a cake. Mutebi was accompanied by the Nnabagereka Sylivia Nagginda and their children Princesses Katrina Sangalyambogo, Nkinzi, Nassolo and Prince Jjunju.

The Bakateyamba home for 80 senior citizens is run by the Good Samaritan Sisters under the Kampala archdiocese.

Kabaka celebrates 54 years

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