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Get Judith’s million-shilling look for less

By Vision Reporter

Added 28th May 2009 03:00 AM

JUDITH Heard, a former model with Zipa, is now a philanthropist, taking care of a multitude of children at Sanyu Babies’ Home.

By Titus Serunjogi

JUDITH Heard, a former model with Zipa, is now a philanthropist, taking care of a multitude of children at Sanyu Babies’ Home.

She is also a popular figure on Kampala’s high-end social scene. Here is the outfit that she wore to one of the recent concerts in town.

She says the outfit cost her $4,150 (about sh9.3m) from the US. However, fans of trendy party outfits can achieve the same look from around Kampala for much less.

One-shoulder tops are the in-thing and they can be bought from Sylvie’s Boutique at Garden City for sh80,000.

Tight-fitting pseudo leather pants are also in, following the trend of the ‘pencil’ jeans. They go for sh120,000 at Poison Boutique in Kabalagala.

Though Judith claims she bought her Italian designer shoes from the US at $2,500(sh5.6m), one can get similar shoes from Ladies’ Zone Boutique opposite Shell Malindi on Kampala Road for sh125,000.

Ladies’ Clutch bags go for sh50,000 to sh80,000 at Cinci Co, a boutique on Kamu Kamu Plaza; while human hair weaves cost sh150,000 at Karitas’ Hair garage, Pioneer Mall.

The scarf costs sh50,000, at Imagez, Garden City as well as Tingz at the Sheraton Hotel’s shopping arcade, while the bracelet and ring for sh15,000 and sh30,000 respectively at Zahra’s Accessories at Jumbo Plaza.

You will probably not find genuine Michael Kors designer watches — $800(sh1.8m) from the US — at most accessory outlets in Kampala.

However, Sylvie’s Boutique has similar watches by Katherine Hamnet at sh400,000. That rounds off Judith Heard’s look for about sh1m from uptown Kampala.

Want to look like Judith for even less? First stop is Pinto’s Boutique at the Pioneer Mall, Lala’s Collection at Sunset Arcade, Wilson Road or Maggie’s Boutique at the same arcade.

The shops stock lots of casual party outfits for ladies at almost give-away prices, considering the uptown cost.

Here, ladies’ tops similar to Heard’s go for sh40,000 (the sales people are open to bargaining); women’s tight-fitting pseudo leather pants go for sh70,000; party shoes like Judiths’ go for sh55,000 a pair, while clutch bags go for sh40,000 a piece.

Judith’s wig is made from human hair but you can get a similar one at sh30,000 from the salons in the basement of Majestic Plaza.

Ladies’ scarves go for sh10,000 at Kagame’s Boutique on Sunset Arcade, while rings can go for anything between sh5,000 and sh10,000 from vendors at the Old Taxi Park. They also sell bangles at sh5,000.

For ladies’ watches similar to Heard’s, drop by Kyakuwa General Enterprises at Yamaha Centre near the Old Taxi Park and pick one for sh80,000.

Better bargains on Heard’s look can also be got from Mutaasa Kafeero, an arcade that is famous for selling cheap Thai-made replicas of designer clothes.

Kanaaba Arcade on Nabugabo Road is also a good place to look.
That completes Judith’s look for less than sh300,000 from the lower-end boutiques.

Get Judith’s million-shilling look for less

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