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Museveni not bothered by big population

By Vision Reporter

Added 23rd November 2009 03:00 AM

PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has said he is not bothered by the rapid population growth.

By Henry Mukasa

PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has said he is not bothered by the rapid population growth.

When corruption is defeated, more citizens are educated and infrastructure has improved, the population issue would get solved automatically, he argued.

He was responding to a question by USAID director David Eckerson during the Nambi Talk Show in Kampala yesterday. The show will be aired on Nation Television.

“I am not worried. It will sort itself out. Once people have gone to school, they will not have many children. The educated don’t have time to look after 12 children. They have time to work, party and go to bars,” Museveni said.

Asked about the cancerous corruption that is eating away the gains the country has made, Museveni reiterated that it would be defeated, like the killings of the past regimes. “Corruption is a big problem. It’s very strong and perverse but we shall defeat it like we solved extra-judicial killings. The problem with corruption is that it’s not overt like killing someone.”

Stopping extra-judicial killings required political will, he added, whereas stopping corruption requires both political will and knowing who the culprits are.

The President boasted that 23 years of NRM had enabled him to lay snares to trap the corrupt. He said trained incorruptible cadres would soon be “unleashed”, vowing that the results will be visible soon.

Museveni described his wife as being dedicated and systematic in her work. “Now that she is a grandmother, she has come to help in Ruhaama. I salute her contribution.”

The President urged the youth to defend the NRM revolution, understand the nation’s turbulent history, go for further studies in marketable courses and avoid AIDS and greed.

Museveni not bothered by big population

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