Muslims celebrate Idd

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Added 28th November 2009 03:00 AM

MUSLIM leaders in the country yesterday criticised the practice of human sacrifice and urged Muslims to slaughter animals to cleanse the country.

By Cyprian Musoke, Madinah Tebajjukira and Brian Mayanja

MUSLIM leaders in the country yesterday criticised the practice of human sacrifice and urged Muslims to slaughter animals to cleanse the country.

Preaching at the Idd al-Adha prayers at Old Kampala Mosque, Mufti Sheikh Shaban Mubajje told believers they should not slaughter animals as a show-off to poor neighbours but as a holy requirement.

Ibrahim, he said, was going to slaughter his son, but Allah, who knew it would become difficult for his grand children, intervened by giving him a lamb.

Slaughtering animals would help Ugandans get rid of vices that have invaded the country like human sacrifice, murder and drug abuse, he added.

He appealed to Muslims to be united in order to help the Government fight the vices, saying the doors at Old Kampala are open to welcome back all those who had defected to other factions.

He allayed fears that the pilgrims who are in Mecca to perform the Hijja (holy pilgrimage) were in danger of catching swine flu, saying the Saudi Arabian authorities had kept it under control.

Minister Kirunda Kivejinja, who attended on behalf of the Government, told the crowd not to worry about the breakaway faction, saying human beings were made different by God.

Kibuli Muslim break away leader, Sheik Zubair Kayongo, in prayers held at Kibuli mosque appealed to all Muslims to be honest, transparent and caring. He also stressed the need to slaughter animals, as prescribed in the Koran, but warned against slaughtering stolen animals.

He commended the Government for facilitating his administration in terms of security. He also revealed that they would embark on identifying all sheiks and grading them depending on their educational background.

Prince Kassim Nakibinge asked the Muslims whom he hosted at his home after prayers to work hard to eradicate poverty. He warned them against concentrating on the Land Amendment Bill 20007, saying there was nothing they could change.

At Moslem sports ground, Sheikh Sulaiman Kakeeto, the leader of Uganda Muslim Tabliq Community, asked the Government to strengthen the laws to protect children from being raped and sacrificed.

“Those are murders that should be hanged by those with authority. In our faith, we know that animals are the ones which are sacrificed, not human beings,” Kakeeto said.

He praised the Bushenyi girl who hit and killed a 40-year-old man who attempted to rape her, saying she was courageous and no case should be opened against her because she acted in self defence. He blamed the Police for the way they handle murder cases. “Many times Police officers disappoint us in the way they handle capital offences like the murder they are investigating. After one year they come out to say that the DPP dropped the case,” he noted.

Kakeeto encouraged Muslims to engage in national politics and stand for all elective posts in the coming general elections.

“That business of lamenting that we have few ministers in the country should stop. Let us go and engage in the national posts, starting from local council to the presidency.”

Muslims celebrate Idd

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