Corridors of power

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The Archbishop of Kampala Catholic archdiocese Cyprian Lwanga must be lauded for bringing back the debate about the Land Amendment Bill (now Act) to an even keel when he pointed out that this legislation is effectively about the relationship between the l

Short speech
The board vice-chairman of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Ganyana Miiro, is a very humourous man. Last Friday, he told area managers that he was going to make his speech “as short as a lady’s heart”. “My speech will be brief as a lady’s mini-skirt, short enough to attract interest but long enough to contain substance.” This was at the closing of an evaluation workshop for area managers at Bugolobi. His speech was very interesting but not as short as he had promised. In his concluding remarks he said: “As I wind my ‘short speech’… ….” .This attracted loud laughter from his audience.

Money transfer
Kampala mayor Nasser Sebaggala's English is improving everyday. However, his main problem is the use of hard and long words intended to impress his listeners but end up confusing them. On Friday, while appearing in court over the Democratic Party petition, Sebaggala was asked about the money laundering offence over which he was convicted in the US in 2005. In defence he said what he did was money transfer and not money laundering and that even if he was convicted that was a minor offence that could not stop him from taking the DP party leadership to court. And to make his point, he called the minor offence a ‘Misterdemeanour’. Mr Mayor, the word is misdemeanor.

The poor in trouble
Participants at a food fortification workshop were recently dismayed by the comment from the executive director of the Uganda Consumers and Protection association, Sam Watasa, who said: “Never plan for the poorest of the poor. If you centre on them you cannot get anywhere.” A participant had sought to know how the poorest of the poor would be helped with accessing fortified foods which are not free of charge. Mr. Watasa, politicians know the power of the poorest of the poor.

Ndiege determined
Kyambogo University vice chancellor Prof. Isaiah Ndiege has vowed not to give in to intimidation. He says he is being victimised by lazy lecturers who dodge lectures. “Africans have a problem of not wanting to work unless they are pushed. I will push them until they deliver,” he said. Ndiege was briefing the media and said he will introduce a clocking-in machine to catch lecturers who dodge lectures.

Corridors of power

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