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Women who made headlines in 2008

By Vision Reporter

Added 26th December 2008 03:00 AM

2008 had its own ups and downs but all in all, it has been a very good year.

2008 had its own ups and downs but all in all, it has been a very good year.

Uganda National Chamber of Commerce (UNCCI) hosted the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) a very successful conference from which Uganda achieved a lot. There was a lot of networking and exchange of information.

On a personal note, I enjoyed spending time with my family in 2008. We have all been healthy this year and I hope in 2009, we will remain healthy and get to do the things we enjoy doing most.

Dora Mwima, Miss Uganda 2008
2008 has been an exciting year. Being Miss Uganda has opened doors for me and it has been a platform for me to put forth the things I care for most.

Two years ago, I was an ordinary girl but I am privileged to represent all the beauties in Uganda. I have a voice that carries more weight; I am more responsible and disciplined.

I had the opportunity to be Uganda’s ambassador in the Miss World beauty pageant and although I did not win the crown, I was a winner. My face graces the Miss World website.

I hope I will convince many young girls to pursue their passions in life in 2009.

Nabila Sempala, Kampala Woman MP
This year, we started up so many things in Parliament and we hoped to see them to a successful end but they ended up getting tangled up. I have been disappointed to be serving in this institution this year and I hope that next year, Parliament will work towards shedding this image.

The public now sees us as people who don’t get things done.

As an MP, I will continue doing the development work I have been doing in my constituency in 2009. On a personal note, I hope that next year, I will complete my master’s degree.

Betty Nambooze, DP Spokesperson
2008 has been a very short year for me. I started it with very high hopes. I hoped to be a member of parliament but it didn’t happen.

I expected court to hear my case this year but it hasn’t. I lost many loved ones including my auntie, grandfather and brother’s son. I was detained by the security agents and hospitalised as a result of this.

I looked at all these as victory because it proved to me that the Government had resorted to violence to push forth its agenda including the Land Bill. I will sort out many of the unfinished business in 2009. I will also turn 40.

I will continue with all my struggles in 2009. If these struggles put me in papers well and good. I do not create these situations but the Government does

Betty Olive Kamya MP Rubaga North
I will say 2008 has been a turning point in my political life. I realised that most politicians are the same as much as they claim to fight for national issues.

This is why I resigned my position as special envoy in FDC. I also realised that most people cannot tolerate criticism when pursuing personal goals. I think this is very bad for the country.

However, in 2009, as a politician, I will concentrate on regional politics rather than national politics. Personally, in 2009, I hope to make more time for my children before they all go off to live their own lives.

My youngest child is joining A’ level in June while others are in university so I hope to spend more time with them.

Faith Mwodha, Inspector General of Government
2008 on the whole has been ok. Whether or not I have had challenges I am stronger than before.

I intend to continue with my struggle of fighting corruption in 2009. This is what I do even out of office because this is exactly who I am.

You can not say you believe in Christ and denounce Him in your other areas of work. Corruption isn’t only an issue in public offices.

It is everywhere so whatever I say wherever I go, I will be fighting against corruption and ensuring that truth and integrity is upheld.

Nicholette Kiige, 1st runner up Idols Africa
Idols Africa was a life changing experience for me. First and foremost, I had never been away from home that long (three months at Idols). I learnt to make my own decisions.

I was also received warmly at Makerere University where I am having my university studies. I hope to release an album in 2009.

I have lived in Zimbabwe for all my life. Being in Uganda, my motherland, feels great. I now know a number of places I can go to by myself and I am having fun.

Lucy Torr Ssubi, Ugandan representative M-Net Face of Africa
2008 has been a great year.

I have not had any major challenges. I achieved something I am most proud about (selected for M- Net Face of Africa). I was not only Uganda’s but East Africa’s representative. Mnet Face of Africa was a dream come true for me.

In 2009, I hope to continue making a statement in the modeling and fashion industry. South Africa remains one of my dream destinations. I hope to appear on billboards next year.

Women who made headlines in 2008

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