Gunmen shoot at Museveni convoy

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Added 12th February 2006 03:00 AM

PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni’s convoy was on Saturday attacked and shot at by unidentified gunmen in Moroto district between 9:30pm and 10:00pm.

By Hellen Mukiibi

PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni’s convoy was on Saturday attacked and shot at by unidentified gunmen in Moroto district between 9:30pm and 10:00pm.

The President and the rest of his entourage escaped unhurt, the Presidential Guard Brigade spokesman, Lt. Edison Kwesiga, said yesterday:

“A group of armed elements on the night of Saturday, February 11 shot at the presidential convoy when it was returning from Kotido to Mororinga State Lodge.

This took place about 10km from Mororinga State Lodge near Kangole trading centre.
However, the President is safe and carrying on with his campaigns.

The group, whose identity is yet to be established, fired bullets we believe were from a machinegun and small rifles. They fired at the advance armoured vehicle that forms part of the presidential convoy.

The vehicle was not damaged at all. Our firepower overwhelmed the enemy, who took off in disarray.

This attack on the convoy is not typical of the Karimojong rustlers because it is not known of them to attack long convoys. There is also another reason to believe that this is completely a different group of armed elements because of the weapons they used.

Investigations are on to establish the identity of the attackers.”

Meanwhile, Enock Kakande reports that the President has continued his campaign in the region, addressing big rallies in Kaabong and Abim districts.

Museveni urged the Karimojong to hand over their guns, saying the weapons were scaring away investors and development from the region.

“We still have our old devil of a gun,” Museveni said. “Some of the dams were abandoned because of the insecurity. There is no need for you to scare away development from your area. I am a cattle keeper like you. You can’t scare away a cow when you want to milk it. People fear to develop Karamoja because of the gun.

These Ministers and Permanent Secretaries don’t come to you because they fear the gun and even the MPs don’t tell you the dangers of the gun. So I request you to peacefully get rid of this gun,” Museveni said.

He said his government would introduce Universal Secondary Education on top of the Universal Primary Education.

He said he was happy the people of Karamoja support the Movement. He also commended the youth who announced their return to the Movement from the FDC party.

He also said the Government would extend power to Abim and Kaabong.

He also said the Ministry of Water was working hard to ensure that valley dams are in place. He said the money for the purpose was already secured.

In Kotido, the residents asked Museveni to pardon Brig. Nakibus Lakara. In a memorandum presented by the LC5 chairman, Adome Lokwii, they said Lakara was the only son they had in the army. They assured him of their votes.

Museveni commissioned a tree-planting programme for the acacia and senegal species.

Gunmen shoot at Museveni convoy

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