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I was stabbed, not hurt by barbed wire

By Vision Reporter

Added 19th March 2006 03:00 AM

I want to categorically dismiss reports that I was not stabbed at Kololo Summit View.

I want to categorically dismiss reports that I was not stabbed at Kololo Summit View. It is unfortunate for the police to make such false statements that I jumped four fences and the razor wire hurt me. I know the people who stabbed me and their commander but I will reveal their identities in court when the case kicks off.
I want to confirm to you that I was not only stabbed but boxed and kicked. It was a nasty experience to treat a democrat like a rat. I want you to check all over my body and ascertain whether these are cuts or barbed wire injuries. These ‘terrorists’ attacked me and two of my supporters I was travelling with. Our tormentors wanted my life to come to an end because I heard their commander saying that I deserved to die.
I have applied for the medical report from Nsambya Hospital where I have been admitted after that ugly incident and that of the police surgeon, which reports I am sure will tell the truth. I went to Kololo Summit View polling station after I had been informed by my agents that there were some cases of electoral malpractices. As a candidate I was acting in my capacity as the overall supervisor. Upon receiving such information I found Turyagumanawe at Kiira Road police station and informed him of what was happening. I was told that vehicles were ferrying unregistered voters to go and vote from there. I asked Grace Turyagumanawe for security to go and see what exactly was happening, which he promised to give me. I told him that my votes were being stolen. Turyagumanawe gave me a go-ahead but every time I called him on his mobile phone about the security he had promised me, he would respond that he was still communicating. Would I have sat there and watched when the situation was going out of hand? I definitely had to arrest the situation.
I went to Summit View to fight for free and fair elections and democracy. I wouldn’t mind if I were defeated in a free and fair election. But there is evidence that the whole process was characterised by intimidation and massive rigging. At Jambula and Kisenyi polling stations, my agents were molested by my opponent’s supporters in the full view of the police and no action was taken. I am happy however, that this happened to me. If it had happened to any of my supporters they would have branded them bayaye (rogues).

I was stabbed, not hurt by barbed wire

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