Mystery Date: Mary and Wesley

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EACH week one lucky single person gets a chance to choose a date. This week,
24-year-old Mary was in the driving seat and she was connected to Wesley.

EACH week one lucky single person gets a chance to choose a date. This week,
24-year-old Mary was in the driving seat and she was connected to Wesley.

Surname: Gakuo
Occupation: Makerere University student of Library and Information Science
Star Sign: Aries
Residence/ Address: Wandegeya
Interests: Swimming, cooking, chess and basketball
Favourite Film: Big Mama’s House
Music: Gospel
Ideal date: Tall, dark, God-fearing, witty and talkative
What makes you laugh?: Witty jokes
Your best quality: I’m loving
Vices: I’m impatient and strict

The date was nice and fun. And it was my birthday. I had an exam on that day and the move from the exam room to a quiet soothing environment was very relaxing. I found Wesley seated.
He rose and offered me a seat and drinks. I was not nervous because I am naturally composed. I decided to be myself because I believe the first impression matters.
Wesley was very courteous and welcoming though a bit too quiet and reserved. I think I did most of the talking, which is very unlike me. I rarely dominate conversations. I think he was nervous. I answered his questions as openly as possible.
I told him about my past and he also told me what he could at the first meeting. I like to trust what people say till I prove them wrong. If I realise you were deceiving, I back out.
I was hurt one time and that made me wiser. I find it easy to disengage emotionally if he is a liar.

What are the good things you noticed about him?
He is a gentleman. He served me food, which rarely happens to me. At home and even with my friends, I am usually the one who ends up serving others. I cannot remember a time I was served instead. He is selfless because he was always looking out for my comfort. He is knowledgeable in his field – veterinary Medicine. But above all, he is saved. I am saved too and feel comfortable in the company of people who know God

But you drank the wine!
There is nothing wrong with that according to me. Drinking and getting drunk are different things. My salvation is not the conservative traditional one.

Is there anything bad you noticed about Wesley?

Bad? That is too big a word. Maybe what made me uncomfortable was he was a quiet person. I like someone who is talkative because I then don’t have to talk a lot. Such a person helps me talk.

You mean he cannot make a good boyfriend?
Oh! he is a gentleman; many girls would love him for that. In fact, he has lots of qualities I want in a partner. Except one. He is a bit too gentle and reserved. He would make a great friend, but not a husband.

Surname: Rutto
Age: 23
Occupation: Student
Star Sign: Taurus
Residence/Address: Makerere/Kapchorwa
Interests: Chess and chatting with friends
Favourite Film: Tears of the Sun
Music: Gospel and Country
Ideal date: Talkative and sociable
What makes you laugh?: Jokes
What is your best quality: I'm dependable
Vices: I get irritated by people who don’t keep promises

I love making friends, but this time, it was not easy. Most of the friends I have made were through seminars, conferences and discussions. But this time around, we had no binding factor. I arrived on time after praying to God to give me a person of my preference.
When Mary arrived, I got a bit nervous and my voice changed. I calmed down after about half an hour. I helped her settle in and we began getting to know each other.
She told me about her likes and dislikes, her love life and how God has been so good in her life. I had prayed for a talkative lady because I like people who make the conversation move.
Mary was very inspiring. She lost both her parents and still managed to study and is doing well. She told me she discovered that God was a real provider and a dependable parent when her mum died in 2000. Most other people would be cursing the day they lost a mum.
She is a good listener and volunteered some pieces of advice for my past experiences. She suggested we pray before eating. I think salvation in her is genuine as seen throughout the conversation.
She is intelligent, knowledgeable and very optimistic. Just like me, she loves swimming and chess.

Is there anything you did not like about her?
She is too optimistic about everything! Unlike me, who looks at the negative elements before doing anything, she believes even the ‘bad’ things have many positives about them. Well, this is a good philosophy, but I just cannot believe it spontaneously.
Also from her experience, I noted that she gives too much attention to people. That can make me jealous.

What did you want her to do and she didn’t do?
I served a lot of food on my plate and wanted her to help me finish the fish fillet from my plate, but she refused. When I insisted, she gave me that look that suggested she was protesting my bullying. Then when we parted, I sent her an SMS telling her I had arrived safely and thanking her for the good time, but she did not reply.

Do you think there is chance for you to bond closer?
Yes. She has invited me to her home anytime, and to Kampala Pentecostal Church, where she prays from (I pray at Makerere Community Church). I thank God I have got a friend.

Would you marry her?
I think Mary deserves to be my friend — of the inner circle. She is too reserved and quiet.

But she said you were the quiet one.
Was I? Maybe because I was the one asking questions. The one who asks talks less than the one who answers. But I know I am reserved. That is why I would need a very talkative partner to keep us going.

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Mystery Date: Mary and Wesley

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