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What would you do if you suspected your partner was cheating on you?

What would you do if you suspected your partner was cheating on you?

Max Albe 28, Kyambogo University – Married
Naturally I am a very jealous man. It would make me mad. I cannot tolerate it. I have a good network of her friends. I would easily know and she knows what that means.

Deborah Kimono, 30s, a stationary dealer in town – married.
Men are always chasing skirts. So why would my husband be different? If I caught him, I would just carry on with my life and children.

Ross Seal, British consultant, single:
Once the trust element is in doubt, its time to get out of the relationship or seriously think about it.

Wamukota Timothy 60s, married and a grandfather:
Some people pick wives from the streets. To avoid such problems, get a wife from the parents. When you suspect her, report to her parents or relatives. If it is not working with them, try the church as the last option. When all these fail, go for a divorce.

Alum Grace 23 single casual worker, industrial area:
Most people get violent about it. But I would not fight. I would find out the problem and if it is on me, I would work hard to change. If it is his, I would give him a second chance. But if all these fail, I call it quits.

Dennis Byaruhanga, married, a lawyer:
One single suspicion will force me to try and establish the truth. I would make him my friend and take them out together to see how they react. This will make it hard for my wife to cheat on me again. I would not mistreat her nor would I chase her away. But as a lawyer, I must have concrete evidence.

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