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222 Police stations planned for north

By Vision Reporter

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THE Government is to construct 222 Police stations in northern Uganda.

By Nathan Etengu

THE Government is to construct 222 Police stations in northern Uganda.

State minister for northern Uganda reconstruction and Karamoja development David Wakikona Wanendeya (left) said on Tuesday the Police stations would be constructed as part of the Government’s plan to restore justice, law and order in the region.

He said the Karamoja sub-region would also benefit from the programme.

Wakikona was addressing residents of Iriiri sub-county, Moroto district.

He had accompanied the out-going head of delegation of the European Union (EU), Sigurd Illing, to commission micro projects funded by the EU in Karamoja.

Wakikona said the government would recruit and train 1,680 Police personnel for deployment in the northern region.

“We asked the Police force to give us their requirements and they came up with the total number of Police stations required in northern Uganda,” Wakikona said.

He said the insurgency, cattle raids and other acts of lawlessness that bedevilled the region created an impression that the rule of law did not exist in that part of the country.

Wakikona, however, said the Government’s commitment was to ensure that Ugandans enjoyed equal opportunities that included protection under the law.

Wakikona commended the EU for funding projects in Karamoja and other parts of the country.
He asked the beneficiaries to maintain the structures for the benefit of future users.

He said it would be an embarrassment to the EU and the out-going ambassador if the sub-county administrative units, classroom blocks, maternity wards, dormitories and chainlink fences constructed by the EU were not maintained.

Wakikona also appealed to residents to work hard and stop the mentality of thinking that help to the region should always come from Europe.

222 Police stations planned for north

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