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King solomon had 700 wives, why can’t i marry as many?

By Vision Reporter

Added 28th July 2006 03:00 AM

Francis Kabagambe stormed the front page news for marrying two sisters, Stella and Rosemary from the same family, same day at the same ceremony. Pidson Kareire and Fred Kayizzi visited the business tycoon in Hoima. He has a string of petrol stations in Hoima, Masindi and Kibaale. He is

That was magic! Two sisters at ago?
No magic at all. It is God’s power. God’s love is free. I am a man of God and He is always on my side. He always answers my prayers. He is my shepherd. Twenty years ago I was a petty trader dealing in produce, but due to God’s plan I am now a king.
I have six wives and 56 children. I have built for each woman a permanent house with everything needed for daily life.

Six wives! Do you have a roster?
Yes. But it is not written. It also changes according to circumstances. For example, I may be coming from a safari and feeling so tired and end up sleeping at the nearest home.

So, how do you choose the one to accompany you to a function?
It depends on the sleeping roster. I am very organised and I distribute my love equally. If the function falls when I am at one’s place she automatically accompanies me and becomes the lady of the day.

Did you save by marrying two at ago?
No. I paid bride price for each individually, although they were similar gifts. Maybe the time.

Do women love you for money?
No! I married them when I had nothing. I have worked hard to achieve the wealth I have today. In fact, I know that these women love me because they found me poor, persevered and have seen me become rich. I may say marriage is the way to reward them.

How do you manage a polygamous family?
God is our guide. At home, we greet in Jesus’ name. My families are based on Christian values. I trust in God because He is the one who gave me those women and capacity to maintain them. Of course, I have some rules.
I subject my wives to blood tests every after two months. I also don’t allow them to move anyhow without strong reasons. They need permission to go far from home. Finally, they must know God. By the way, everyone at home must know God.

How do you discipline your wives?
I don’t fight and I will never beat a woman. If there is a problem I call my Christian friends to counsel her.

Will you marry more wives?
Maybe. It all depends on God. I don’t see any problem with that. King Solomon had 700 wives and was the wisest king.

How expensive is it to run such a big polygamous family?
Every woman has a project she runs that brings in income, but as a husband I give each wife sh500,000 for upkeep.

How do you relax?
I don’t consume alcohol. I read the Bible and pray when I am free.

Do you advise them on what to cook?
They know what I like and they always compete to maintain it.

How do you address them?
I call them mammas.

King solomon had 700 wives, why can’t i marry as many?

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