Devouring crocodiles at Sam’s

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Added 23rd February 2005 03:00 AM

It has been an open secret for a while that Sam’s Restaurant has changed management albeit

Place: Sam’s Restaurant
Rating: XX
Location: 78 Bombo Road
Food: Continental and Tandoori Kitchen
Open: Daily
dishes: Chicken tikka, tandoori pork chops, Sam’s traditional American Breakfast,
Service: On the whole to be commended
Ambience: Good
Parking: Secure but limited space.
By Kadumukasa Kironde II
It has been an open secret for a while that Sam’s Restaurant has changed management albeit retaining the name, menu and style. As might be expected, some of the staff are no longer in situ, nevertheless, there is no let up in the high standards to which we have in general been accustomed.

Sundays continue to be popular with a choice of either the vegetarian breakfast or the wondrous pancake stack. Not to be outdone would be the ever-popular English breakfast, which is not all that different from the traditional American breakfast.

The latter has a choice of either hash brown or home fries along with a choice of either pancakes or French toast. It is quite a mouthful and would be a welcome respite for the famished man or woman, all the more if they are nursing a hangover.

For the not so hungry, the choices are legion starting with a couple of slices of tasted bread with butter and jam right up to the mammoth stack of American pancakes served with true Maple syrup.

Over to the Indian corner and one wonders why tandoori pork chops are seldom encountered in this town.

Anyway, it is given that any meat can be oven grilled and this item is a veritable treat, one that comes highly recommended in my view.

To get the best of the tandoori sensation one is better off with the mixed plate that would comprise a medley of meats.

The vegetarian is well far from forgotten and the paneer tikka kebab (cottage cheese) is always superb, while the mixed vegetable kari is another item that is well prepared.

Indian breads such as naan take on a wonderful flavour and aroma when they baked in the tandoor oven. No visit to this joint would be complete without checking out in particular the roasted garlic & parsley naan.

When it comes to steaks, chops, there is nothing like the 300 gram T-Bone steak. This is done in the so-called ‘au naturel’ manner where no spices are added whatsoever save for salt.

The rational behind this school of thought is to bring out purity of the meat and works very well so long as the meat on offer is well aged.
For those who are less adventurous take heart and stick with beef fillet steak.
Sam’s pioneered the serving of game and crocodile and ostrich steak are readily available.

As for the desserts, they have always been more than worth a try.

These ratings are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service with price being factored into consideration.

The menu listings and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Devouring crocodiles at Sam’s

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