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Meet Kampala’s seen eligible bachelors

By Vision Reporter

Added 4th March 2005 03:00 AM

Save for his fat ego, his Martin Lawrence look; eyes and ears make him the man from the

Isaac Mulindwa
Save for his fat ego, his Martin Lawrence look; eyes and ears make him the man from the movies — every woman’s dream man. But Isaac Mulindwa Jr has a lot more than just looks going for him.

Between that pair of eyes is a big brain and this man knows how to use it. Very enterprising and wealthy (he drives cars with personalised plates), Mulindwa has acute business acumen and is highly driven.

He has more portfolios in businesses around town than Sudhir does cars. Besides being the backbone of the increasingly lucrative PAM Awards, Mulindwa holds job designations in Radio Simba, One2net, Club Silk among others. However, it is hard to establish the truth about his love life beyond tabloid speculations.

Agard Didi, MP, West Moyo
He is probably the richest, most propertied and most senior bachelor in Kampala. He is a reputed lawyer, Member of Parliament (West Moyo) and minister of state for entandikwa.

With a big house fully equipped with health facilities, including a sauna and a gym, Didi would be the perfect catch for any woman. Yet this single father of two chooses to remain single. Apparently, he is not known to have ever married and it is not clear whether he is dating anyone at the moment.

Martin Serugga
As the customer service manager at Multichoice Uganda, Serugga was hardly known. Suddenly, public relations officer Gigi Magezi was out and Serugga was put behind the helm of the South African Cable TV Company PR machine.

He instantly shot to fame, becoming an overnight favourite of society surveys and newspapers. Barely out of his 20s, Serugga has established himself as a self-help guru, teaching people ‘personal development and wealth-building skills’ through his own company, Apple Appreciations.

And what do ladies like about him? Apart from the size of his wallet, he has a heart throbbing smile and an adorable pair of eyes. Not to mention his kazigo on his upper teeth.

William Blick, General Manager, GM Tumpeco
He comes from the long lineage of the hard working and wealthy Blick family. William Blick is not only financially apt, but also endowed with good looks.

Formerly with Nile Breweries, Blick now drives an expensive Mercedes Cross-country. Even though he has a steady flock of pretty girls around him, none has yet put a ring on his finger.
Mark Ssali, sports editor, Monitor
His partner-in-crime Joseph Kabuleta led the way when he walked down the aisle recently, a thing Mark seemed to have taken as a personal challenge. Well, at least he said so in his speech at Kabuleta’s reception.

Whether this hunky Monitor sports scribe intends to go the same way soon is not known. What we know, however, is that Mark has been going steady with sweetheart Lydia, a magistrate in Kampala for about two years now.

Daniel Kidega, Youth MP, Northern Uganda
There has been talk of him getting married forever. The youthful legislator is said to have been moving out with his girlfriend, Susan, for a fairly long time now. Maybe one of these days it will actually come to pass.

Meanwhile, Kidega’s dark complexion, height, firm build and incredibly deep and sexy voice melt the ladies’ hearts. Besides, as an MP, he is expected to be of a sound financial standing.

Phillip Besimiire, MTN
He is the kind that melts (breaks) women’s hearts. He has made the media list of city hunks over and over again, but besides tabloid reports of a steamy romance gone bad between him and celebrated columnist Lilliane Barenzi, not much is known about his love life.

Philip is also fiercely protective of his private life and will not divulge a word to prying journalists.

Mukasa Mbidde
His big sexy eyes are what draw females to him. And his deep voice sends shivers down their spines.

Mukasa Mbidde is a youthful politician and an articulate one at that. It is not very clear whether he intends to marry soon or even in a stable relationship at the moment. Any brave girl out there willing to find out?

Steve Jean, music producer
The heavy stammer aside, he has the money, the fame and the looks! Steve is a hit maker when it comes to doing what he does best — producing music, but as unconfirmed tabloid reports purport, he is unable to get intimate with the ladies.

We don’t know about that. What we know though is if this PAM-Award winning producer, singer, songwriter has a love life at all, he has decided to keep it out of the public eye. What’s wrong with that?

DJ Ronnie Sempangi, Capital Radio
Many girls fantasise about the edge in his voice. Plus, he knows just the words to mend a broken heart. But this Late Date presenter on Capital FM might not have been so lucky in love after all.

After his highly published break up with his mzungu lover, whom, we understand, was older than him, it is said he hooked a younger Ugandan babe. But just the other day, he was talking about how unfortunate radio DJs were.

“Most parents do not accept us as serious suitors. They think we are womanisers. This is what happened with the parents of the girl I was supposed to marry. My own father is uncomfortable introducing me as a DJ,” he said on his radio show. So if your Momma and Papa are the liberal type, there is your catch!

James ‘Fatboy’ Onen, Sanyu FM
“He is funny, outrageous, popular and he broke up with his girlfriend live on air!” That is the typical description you will get from any woman when you ask about Sanyu FM’s ‘Fatboy’. Onen, a Bachelor of Commerce graduate, co-presents Sanyu FM’s Breakfast Show with Seanice.

Onen has been in the limelight for a while now — to be exact, since his first term working with Sanyu FM. Then he was off to VR Promotions and back to Sanyu FM. Now that the whole world knows he is free, single and willing to mingle, perhaps one of these days he might just get hooked.

Dennis Mbidde, spokesperson, Save Our Soccer
Being at the forefront of the fight to oust beleaguered FUFA president Dennis Obua has made him an overnight celebrity amongst local sports enthusiasts. But Mbidde has been around all along.

As chairman of the Corporate League, he has been known within corporate circles as a mobiliser. As chairman of the Indian Convocation, he is a familiar face to all Indian universities alumni in Uganda.

He is also the accounts relationship manager with Uganda Telecom. Quite a heavy load of work he carries. It is no wonder that this striking young man who, we hear, aspires to join politics in the not-so-near future, has had no time left on his hands for girls.

Denis Matanda, CEO, Terp Consult
“Save for his attitude, he is intelligent, has a rich diction and speaks the kind of English the girls like these days,” says one lady who has known him for a while.

“And with that big pocket, the shopping will be well catered for,” she adds. Well, maybe not quite. Apparently, there is quite a lot to this young man in his very early thirties.

He was in a long time relationship but broke up. He once swore off women but after this next comment from a young lady who works with him, we are not so sure how long he will keep up that resolution. “He is a good listener and strives to understand people. He also pays attention to himself — he makes sure that he looks good. He is well groomed and generally, a sweet person.” Need we say more?

Andrew Mwenda, Radio talk show host
Some dismiss him as a motor mouth. Yes, this man can hold an argument and speak not only at the top of his voice but also at the speed of a machine gun. But is that a crime? Depends on how you look at it.

One of the most well dressed and possibly most moneyed journalists, Mwenda is confident, intelligent and knowledgeable. He also has stunning looks and he is educated. Basically, he is the perfect balance.

Phillip Luswata
His sense of humour would keep the girls laughing! And now that he is on demand on the international scene, things just got better! His play, Kapalaga Arcade which is to Uganda’s first soap opera, coming up soon, is definitely going to send him to the dizziest heights of fame and finance.

Any sisters want to ride with him?

Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi, Kansanga Miracle Center
He has this cool, calm and hard look like the famous one of Joseph Kabila. The tall and handsome man of God preaches with passion and conviction. He is also described as a very loving, compassionate and hardworking man.

He always shows up at the pulpit very smart in well-tailored suits that only accentuate his dark complexion. After wedding many couples, one wonders why this humble pastor of over 1,500 flock does not lead one of those pretty born-again girls in his church down the isle.

Patrick Oyulu, production manager, Saachi & Saachi
He shot to fame in 2003 for his between-the-sheets activities with South African housemate Abby in the reality TV show Big Brother Africa.

Controversial as this was, it cast him into the spotlight. With that came the news that he was single. That meant more frantic female fans and admirers across the continent.

A radio presenter with Capital FM today, ‘Gae’ has lost none of his TV charm and transmits (through radio this time) a substantial dose of it right to the sitting room of his fans. Doubling as presenter of the continental M-Net programme Studio 53, Gae’s eyes, as most ladies will confess, make many girls drool. He is very real and does not try to be what he is not.

He also has a sense of humour to keep a girl laughing all the way. And of course, he is worth some big bucks. Besides, he broke up with Abby.

Meet Kampala’s seen eligible bachelors

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