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He is a modest man who punctuates his conversation with laughter. Fred Kavulu, husband to Angela (Crystal) Newman, a popular presenter on Sanyu Fm and Public Relations Officer of Kampala Casino, talked to us. Below are excerpts from our conversation

Question: Love or property what would you kill for?
(Laughter, pauses for a minute). Definitely I would kill for love. I personally wouldn’t kill but if you are asking between love and property, I think I would kill for love.
You see, I am a Catholic and married to Angela Crystal. I believe that what is hers is mine and what is mine is hers.

Men say women are complicated, what do you say?
Yes, every woman is complicated but it is a matter of understanding a person. If you say women are complicated you are generalising the issue. However, they are mysterious. It is up to a man to try and find out what a woman is about. women are not alike!

Do you understand every bit of Crystal?
I am a Catholic. We marry for life — till death do us part. It will take the whole of our lives to understand each other.

What is the most ‘outrageous’ thing you have done to express love?
Ooh, God, I will skip that.

Who is Fred Kavulu?
I am a simple citizen trying to earn a living. There is nothing special about me. I am a Makerere University Business Administration graduate. I used to enjoy painting but I don’t anymore because I am a bit busy.

How often do you listen to radio?
I listen to radio everyday and I always listen to Sanyu FM. I enjoy Crystal and Banji’s programme. I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world.

How did you approach Crystal Newman to become your better half?
I chased Crystal for six years. She slept in Africa Hall while still at Makerere University but had a friend called Julie who was my Kasulu (mediator).
We went out for dinners and drinks and finally she agreed to date me.

Now that you finally got her, how do you feel about being her husband?
I am the happiest man in the world and hope to make her happy in her life. I wouldn’t trade my wife for any other woman.

What exactly attracted you to Newman?
I don’t take no for an answer. Her persistent refusal to go out with me for a date coupled with her beauty drew me to her.

Do you ever feel insecure when Newman is with male companions?

How about stubborn fans who express intimate emotions to her?
Usually fans call her when she is working and I have no problem with that. Besides, it does not interfere with her private life.

Do you recommend clothes for Crystal to wear?
If I find an outfit that really looks nice on her, I buy it but I don’t choose for her what to wear.

How often does Crystal spend on you? She occasionally buys me shirts and she also looks after our home.

What are your views on the imminent Domestic Relations Bill?
Once you get married in church, you become one. The Domestic Relations Bill is irrelevant as far as the Catholic Church is concerned because we exchanged vows. Issues to do with with property are already sorted out for us Catholics.

How often do you pray?
Every Sunday at Christ the King. We try hard not to miss.

How do you spend your leisure time?
I watch movies at home, go swimming at Speke Resort, Munyonyo and sometimes read novels.

What does Crystal like to cook for you?
Ah, chicken, pilau rice and pork chops.

Have you ever been on the verge of a break-up?
There is no relationship that is a smooth ride. Yes, we have had problems. But we talk them off and move on. Now our marriage is a pension-able arrangement so the idea of breaking up cannot arise.

Does Newman kneel to greet you?
No. She does not.

How do you feel about that as a Muganda man?
It does not make any difference to me. In fact, I would be quite shocked if she woke up one day and knelt down to greet me. I would think I am in the wrong house.

You own a restaurant in town, Kasalinas to be precise. Do you ever take your wife there?
Yes I do. She wants to eat healthy and authentic traditional food. She only finds this at Kasalinas.

What is your most precious possession?
My daughter Karla. I do not wear jewellry; the only jewellry I possess is my ring.

What would be a perfect day for you?
If my daughter would wake up peacefully and not make noise and a morning kiss from my wife would make a perfect day for me.

Fred Kavulu talked to Pidson Kareire

SHOWBIZ: Crystal’s man

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