Nakanwagi, Miss MUBS

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TWENTY one-year-old Fiona Nakanwagi is not like other beauty queens. She’s so free and flexible in her speech and full of humour. She won the Makerere University Business School beauty pageant, which ran under the theme “Beauty and Elegance In Touch with Society.” Titus Serunjogi recent

Allow me to congratulate you, Miss MUBS.
Thank you.

What inspired you to contest for this title?
I had always dreamt of being in the limelight standing; up as a role model to talk about HIV/ AIDS. The Miss MUBS pageant came as a golden opportunity. I just could not miss out. And even if I hadn’t won, I would have put that experience into my written works.

So what do you have to go through, now that you are in the limelight?
I did not know that I’d be losing my freedom. But I can’t have the “blast” with my friends like before. I think more people are noticing me now, and that’s quiet discomforting.

Which famous personalities do you adore?
The Queen (of Buganda), and the First Lady. I just love Sylivia Nagginda’s style, the way she presents herself in public. I adore Lady Janet Museveni because she has a heart for poor orphans.

Briefly take us through your agenda, Miss MUBS.
I am supposed to represent MUBS on the national scene. I also hope to join hands in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and to contribute to feminism.

What do you think about females who perform at nudity shows, or kimansulo?
They are the very devil! They should all be imprisoned. (Pause) But wouldn’t that be too cruel? May be it’s the audience which should be limited, by age.

One local tabloid, The Red Pepper recently published infamous stories about you. What do you say about this?
They were all mean lies! I was sober all through the Ziper end of year party. And now I have my crown and my prize.

Studies and your role apart; what else takes your time?
I am writing a book. It’s called The Sword of Rage.

Tell us more about it.
It’s a tale about how pre-judgement tore Kampala to its worst and how love lifted Kampala to its best. It’s set in post-Amin Uganda. The whole society had been torn apart by tribalism and hatred. But in The Sword Of Rage love conquered even tribalism.
Ndagire and Bashir Opoka are the main characters. Langi soldiers had murdered Ndagire’s father, mother and sister. So she vowed to always hate the Langi, and even signed an ‘Oath of Rage’ with her tribe mates. But soon she fell in love with Opoka, a son of the Langi. Her own tribemates decided to kill her for this. But she escaped and went into exile with Opoka. She returned to Uganda 20 years later. But what a changed society she finds!

Somethign about your family and background?
I was born in May 1984 in a large liberal family. My father is an accountant, mum is a business lady. I went through Buganda Road Primary School, St. Joseph’s College Naggalama and Makerere College School. I then entered Makerere University Business School for Bachelor of Business Computing.

What were you like as little Fiona?
My God! (laughs) so skinny, may be pretty; but very playful.

How much do you love your body?
So much! I love balming my lips , and polishing my nails. They are the best part of me. But I like my whole body. And I would not pay a surgeon to make my nose bigger (laughs).

Tell us three other things that you love most.
I love sausages! Sausages with Irish potatoes are my tastiest dish. I also read and write fiction. And I always surf

How would you spend an ideal weekend?
I’d go out for a drink or two, with my friends. Wake up late on Saturday.
Refresh at the beach. And go to Church on Sunday.

Has life taught you any lesson?
Yes! I’ve learnt that God owns everything. I’ve also learnt life is worth living only when I fly solo.

Any advice for the younger generation?
Please youths, take good care of your lives. Love your bodies and keep them safe.

If you were about to be executed, would you see a priest or a gentle man?
A priest because I need prayers for my final journey.


Nakanwagi, Miss MUBS

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