NFLC should investigate Military

By Vision Reporter

Added 29th April 2002 03:00 AM

Circus in Ugandan soccer never ends! Or is it circus?

Circus in Ugandan soccer never ends! Or is it circus? The National Football League Committee, NFLC, was over the weekend forced to postpone the match between Kasese and Military Police N. Reason, Military claimed they had lost a player Sammy Obua. I am not disputing the possibility of any death, what is rather suspect is the fact that Military had throughout the week tried to look for reasons that could cause a postponement. Earlier, they informed the league committee of their lack of transport money to take the players to Kasese for the match. This did not pay off! What is encouraging is the fact that the NFLC secretary was quoted in the media as stressing that they were going to investigate the Red Tops and if found guilty, the club would forfeit all the three points on top of paying a sh1m fine. With due respect to NFLC, Military deserve a heavier penalty if found guilty of trickery. Their action brings disrepute to our soccer standards. Ever imagined Bolton in the Premiership wishing to miss an encounter! Here, teams are eager to honour all encounters, because of fear of bigger consequences.

NFLC should investigate Military

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