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Added 2nd July 2001 03:00 AM


Kumi District Local Government Tender Board invites bids from interested competent firms and individuals to Rent Markets, District Development Fund Centres and to Supply Goods and Services to Kumi District Local Government, for the financial year 2001/2002 as follows: 1. MARKETS Name of Market Sub-county where it is located Grade 'A' Markets 1. Bukedea Bukedea 2. Mukura Mukura 3. Ngora Ngora 4. Kachumbala Kachumbala 5. Odelo Kumi Grade "B" Markets 1. Ongino Ongino 2. Mukongoro Mukongoro 3. Akadot Mukongoro 4. Atutur Atutur 5. Kanyum Kanyum 6. Ngora Township Ngora 7. Kobuin Kobuin Grade "C" Markets. 1. Chebukube Kolir 2. Koena Kidongole 3. Kapir Kapir 4. Aloet Bukedea 5. Kabarwa Malera 6. Adopale Kapir 7. Kidongole Kidongole 8. Akide Ongino 9. Kamenya Nyero 10. Kacapa Mukongoro 11. Kaloko Nyero 12. Bukedea Township Bukedea 11. Akisim Kapir 14. Komongomeri Kolir 15. Kwarikwar Kachumbala 16. Kotiokot Malera 17. Malera Malera 18. Koreng Malera 19. Ocekereni Malera 20. Kachede Malera. 2. DISTRICT DEVELOPMENT FUND COLLECTION CENTRES: 1. Ngora Ngora County 2. Kumi Kumi County 3. Bukedea Bukedea County 3. RE-STOCKING PROJECT (i) Supply of Helifers (ii) Supply of Bulls (iii) Tools:- (i) Ox-ploughs of Sungura make Simbabwe (ii) Drugs and Equipment Licenced firms to supply the following: - Acaricides (Decafix and pygrease) bucket pumps or P15 sprayers) -Antibiotics -Trpenocidals -Antilecmintics (dewormer) -Anti inflamatory drugs -Hormones -Anaesthetics -Equipment syringes and needles and spares -Weight measuring tapes -Drenching guns -Durdgos -Laboratory reagents and equipments. 4. Supplies and services i) Uniforms and protective wear for established staff (prisons, police). ii) Printing of graduate tax tickets iii) General printing iv) Supply of general stationery including printed stationery. Supply of office equipment, desks, tables, computers, accessories, typewriters, filing cabinets, hardware, software, etc. vi) Supply of food stuffs - Atutur Hospital - Prisons vii) Supply of medical drugs viii) Supply of firewood to prisons. 5. Contract works i) Routine road maintenance. Conditions of Tenders for Markets. 1. For Grade "A" and "B" markets attach: (a) Income Tax Clearance ticket 2001/2002 (b) Registration Certificate for the Company firm used. (c) Current Trading Licence (d) Postal Address and physical location of the firm/company used. (e) Names of Directors of the Company and documents regarding the Legal Status of the firm. (f) Current Bank Statement of the Account normally used. 2. For Grade "A" Markets Payment of non refundable fee of 50,000/=. For Grade "B" markets payment of non refundable fee of 30,000 and for Grade C markets payment of non refundable fee of Shs. 15,000=. All payments are done to the District cashier and a photocopy of the receipt should be attached to the bids. 3. Printing of Market dues receipts and setting of the rates will be done by Kumi District Local Government. 4. Fund collection will be done by the Tenderers including payment of wages/salaries to the revenue collectors for markets and DDF centres. 5. Each item will have to be applied separately. 6. The relevant head of department (Finance) to send LGTB a Confidential report on the performance of previous tenderers. Terms and conditions for Item (2) (Re-stocking) 1. Each item should be applied for separately. 2. Tenderers MUST attach photocopies of Registration Certificate Income Tax Clearance for the year 2001, current Trading Licence, Bankers names, previous work experience (if any), physical address, names and addresses of official directors. 3. All quotations MUST be in Uganda shillings and inclusive of 17% VAT. 4. Where possible provide samples of items to be supplies. 5. Bids to be deposited with a photocopy of a receipt showing having paid Shs 50,000 to the District Cashier as non refundable fee. For Items (4) 1. Applicants have to pay a non refundable fees as follows: Items (1) - (vii) - non-refundable fee of Shs 50,000. Item (viii) a non-refundable fee of of shs 20,000 payable to the district cashier. 2. Copy of the general receipt for the non-refundable fee obtained from the district cashier MUST be attached to the application. 3. The following should be enclosed where applicable. a) Rates for items b) Valid income tax c) Trading licence for the year 2001. d) Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association, Names of Directors, Bankers, Physical and postal address, etc. For item (5) All the applicants MUST pay a non-refundable fee of Shs 30,000 payable to the District Cashier. All applications MUST be submitted in properly sealed envelopes and clearly marked on the left hand side as: "Tender for...." addressed to the Secretary, Kumi District Local Government Tender Board, P.O. Box 44, Kumi to reach him not later than 16th July, 2001 at 10.00 a.m at which time bids will be opened infront of bidders who may wish to attend. The Tender Board is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender. Secretary Kumi District Local Government Tender Board.


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