Yumbe teachers not paid

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Added 23rd September 2001 03:00 AM

Primary school teachers in Yumbe district have petitioned Minister of Education and Sports, Kiddu Makubuya to intervene

By Ahmed Angulibo in Yumbe Primary school teachers in Yumbe district have petitioned Minister of Education and Sports, Kiddu Makubuya to intervene in the often delay in payment of their salaries by responsible authorities in the district. The primary teachers told Education Vision in Yumbe recently that they had not received their August salaries. They said since payment of their salaries was transferred from Arua to Yumbe, they always receive their salaries late. “We received July salaries on August 17 and up to now we have not received August salaries. But primary teachers in Arua received their August salaries on August 30. When we were under Arua district, we used to get our salaries between the 24th and 28th of every month,” a teacher who chose anonymity said. The teachers said when they went to complain about the delay of their August salaries to Mr. Mark Tivu, the district education officer (DEO), he asked them why they should complain and yet they had just received their July salaries. Some teachers said they suspected a top district official to have deposited their August salaries on his bank account to in order to get interest. They also alleged that when it is time for salaries the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Mr. Christopher Yiki and the Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Mr. Owino disappear in the district claiming to be outside for official duties. However, when contacted for comment on Saturday, September 8, Tivu the DEO, said the delay in payment of Yumbe district primary school teachers salaries is because of transitional transfer of payment from Arua to Yumbe. He also attributed the delay to the collection of Payrolls and Yiki the CAO being outside the district for official duty. Yiki is the only signatory to the district’s accounts. Tivu denied the allegation that a district official deposited the August salaries for Yumbe primary school teachers on his personal account to get interest. He said the money arrived on August 30 and Yiki was still signing the cheques because it arrived when he was outside the district for official duty. He added that teachers would get their salaries soon. Government policy clearly states that one salaries are sent to the district teachers should be paid promptly. However, it has become a habit for teachers’ salaries to be in arrears.

Yumbe teachers not paid

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