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Ministry of Internal Affairs -- Pre-qualification to Tender

By Vision Reporter

Added 19th October 2001 03:00 AM

The Ministry of Internal Affairs Headquarters, Jinja Road, invites tenders for the supply of the following items for the Financial Year 2001/2002. 1. Office equipments and furniture 2. Stationery - Ordinary and Printed 3. Uniforms - for Immigration staff and support staff 4. Photocopiers 5. Filing Cabinets 6. Chemicals and apparatus to the Government Analytical Laboratory. The following information and conditions of tender must be observed when applying: (1) Name and address (Postal, Physical/Location, telephone of the firm) (2) Type of entity (3) Income tax reference number (4) Names and particulars of directors (shareholders) (5) Attach certified copies of the following: (a) Income tax clearance certificate for the year 2001 (b) Certificate of registration/incorporation (c) Trading licence for the year 2001 (6) Prospective tenderers should indicate other places, where they have even executed similar tasks or services. (7) Prospective tenderers shall be required to pay to the Accounts Office Ministry’s Headquarters Jinja Road, a Nonrefundable fee in cash of Ug shs.50,000 and get a receipt from the same office. A photocopy of the receipt should be attached to*the tender application. (8) Upon payment, the prospective tenderer shall be given the respect*ie tender documents, f or th6’ supply of the above items, by the Secretary Contracts Committee of the Ministry’s Headquarters. (9) Prospective tenderers should clearly quote the unit costs (price) of each of the items they wish to supply. (10) The Ministry does not bind itself to accept the highest, lowest or any tender. Tender or bids should be submitted in one sealed envelope which must be clearly marked on the front “Tender for the supply of.................. It be delivered and registered in the office of the Secretary Contracts Committee at the Headquarter of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Jinja Road. The sealed bids are to reach the Secretary Contracts Committee notlater than Thursday, 15th November, 2001, at 12.00Noon and thereafter the bids will be opened immediately in the presence of the bidders who choose to attend. For more details, please contact: The Secretary Contracts Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs Headquarters P.O. Box 7191, Kampala, Jinja Road. Tel: 041 - 344211

Ministry of Internal Affairs -- Pre-qualification to Tender

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